Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama stands by Professor Henry Gates remarks at press conference (Video)

Look, Professor Henry Gates has every right to be angry here. This is a man who was coming home from China, while working on another PBS documentary. He could not get into his home, in Cambridge, MA, so he jimmied the backdoor lock of his home and broke into his own house. Someone saw this, called the Cambridge Police Department. Now the argument is what went down in Professor Gates home that he had to be arrested for disorderly conduct.

I can tell you what happened, it got heated. Gates and the police officer. The police officer should have put on his customer service hat, yes PO-POs you need training on this, talked to Gates calmly, asked for ID, verified it, apologize and the police officer and his colleagues should have LEFT.

How can you justify arresting a prominent, reknown Harvard University scholar for disorderly conduct? And one who walks with a cane? It takes TWO to get disorderly.

President Obama explained it RIGHT last night. And any American in this country would side with Gates about being arrested for breaking in his own home. By the way, the police department threw out the charges because of the public outrage of this whole incident and legally they don't have a leg to stand on.

Lastly, of course, the Cambridge Police Department is upset that President Obama, "called them out" on national television. If the Cambridge Police Department is so confident of its actions, why were the charges even dropped? And we must remember, that we do have a scholar who knows the law in the White House, his name is Barack Obama.

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