Friday, July 24, 2009

Mika Brzezinski's agenda in regards to Henry Gates did not work on morning joe (Video)

Yes, she is on morning joe, and tried to strum up bullshit about the Professor Henry Gates situation. Eventually, it blew up in her face. And Mike Barnicle was in truly Boston style. Harold Ford, Jr. stepped it up here. Got to give him and Carlos Watson a bravo. Mika was out of her element.

Apparently Mika got up this morning with the intent of doing a Rev Wright Coverage as it related to the Professor Gates situation. She seem to be fully on board in wanting to believe what ever Sergeant James Crowley wrote in his report and as equally ready not to believe Professor Gate's account of what took place. Now in my personal feelings, this was a situation that got out of control but Mika and Barnicle had another goal in mind and that was to promote a negative conversation on race that eventually back fired. And thank god for Carlos Watson and even Harold Ford, oh and do not let me forget Eugene Robinson, who seemed to be the most heated by this situation but the person who really seemed to silence Mika and Barnicle was Dylan Ratigan; who hit Mika with racial profiling facts and statistics that she didn't want to take into account or acknowledge because it would have taken away from the coverage she was trying to promote and before the show was over she appeared to be a beaten woman. She even invited Miami Police Chief Johnt Timoney for back-up but he refused to be pulled into this controversy she was trying to escalate. read more here....

Mika tries it with Eugene Robinson

Miami Police Chief, this is all stupid

Dylan Ratigan sets it straight on racial profiling

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