Tuesday, July 21, 2009

D.C. Democrats the clock is ticking on you.

I am calling out the D.C. Democrats because they are the MAJORITY PARTY. This is the party that can make the difference in your life, your family's life, your parents life, your neighbor's life, our lives, that is if they have the courage to renounce lobby interests for their campaign and personal coffers.

Another poll is out. Either side can show a poll touting their position, but one thing that has REMAINED the same is that the public wants health care reform, period. Another thing that is constant is that the public TRUSTS President Obama to get the job done in regards to health care reform, OVER the Republicans. Emphasis below mine's.

Americans are showing more confidence in their ability to get and afford the health care they need, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Whites, though, are likelier to feel that way than minorities. And large numbers of people are worried about whether they will have future health coverage, with nearly one in four concerned that family medical bills will drive them into bankruptcy.

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed the public overwhelmingly considers President Barack Obama's drive to overhaul health care a crucial weapon in the battle to end the country's economic problems - one of the rationales he has used in his health care campaign. Eighty-five percent said it is important that Obama make reshaping health care part of his efforts to restore the economy.

You won't hear morning joke or joe tout or quote this poll. Why? Simply because he has his own agenda and it is one of framing for the Republicans. You won't hear too many news media types, if there are any, recite this poll. Why? Well, that is not their agenda.

The public don't care for these politicians in Washington, DC. Many believe and feel they are out of touch, don't know what is really happening out here or what is going on. When you live in your own bubble, fueled by swanky cocktail parties, lobbyists patting you on the back, loving to look at yourself on television with your favorite quote, feeling you have some power, why should you listen to whiny constituents back home?

That is one of the main problems here. We need to be heard.

President Obama's agenda for health care won't pass unless these politicians are forced to hear us, acknowledge us. They forget that we put them in the position of prestige and the occasional sound byte. They forget that we put them in the position of perks, opportunity to have some of the best and cheapest health care affordable in this country. They forget that we matter.

It is time that they know who we are.

We are the voters. We are the ones who put them in office. We are the ones who have pounded pavements, wrote checks, worked their campaigns because we believed in them, these politicians.

This AP article says it all. If heath care is not passed in this country, there is going to be hell to pay. Republicans can forget it and those Democrats running for office in 2010, who did not have the courage or conviction for the public on health care reform and more importantly, the public option, they can forget it too.

See, hard core Democrats are going to vote the line, but the ones that made the difference are those that CROSSED THE LINE to stand with us in 2008. The independents, the moderate Republicans, the first time voters, the disenchanted voter, the ones who did not believe in change, the minority voter, the gay voter, the women who have had it, the ones who believed that the Democratic Party would stand for something and bring the very needed change we need in our lives.

Democrats in D.C., if you don't do the right thing, if you destroy your own bill, if you shoot yourselves in the foot, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

The time to be heard and for change is now, not later. We have been arguing about health care for over 25 years. The debate don't need to be slowed down. The argument don't need a time out. We need a plan, we need action and the American public needed this yesterday, not tomorrow.

Lastly, President Obama is calling on bloggers to keep the pressure on congress, that is something that must continue to happen or we can FORGET about any health care legislation being passed in this country. The money is NOT ON OUR SIDE and the health care industry and insurance companies are spending 1.4M a day to silence your voices. You know what to do. Call these D.C. Democrats in congress and let your voices be heard.

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