Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama, Cheney both giving national security speeches tomorrow


Wow, where do I start?

First, Cheney. Dick Cheney must have a difficult time of sleeping at night. Why is that? He is concerned about how he left the White House, his post as Vice President, what he left his Republican Party and those abysmal polling numbers of his, 19% approval.

Cheney has personally decided to side with the Rush Limbaugh side of the Republican Party, which is pushing moderate Republicans out faster than a swinging door. All the memos coming out, the torture pictures (that will eventually be out), Cheney and his legacy does not have a leg to stand on. Throughout his tenure as VP he has sided with big business, crafted the torture program, told President Bush what to do, and was unyielding. Cheney was brutal.

In the end, Cheney will write his memoirs, many are awaiting but the real memoir written about Cheney is evident, he was the master crafter of the United States of America's Torture Program.

Now, he is preparing a big speech on national security. This coming from a politician who destroyed our international stature, could have cared less about our domestic agenda, and sided with big business repeatedly. Who is listening to Mr. 19%? The 21% that identify themselves as Republicans?

The Republicans want Cheney to STFU and sit the f**k down, forever. Republicans, good luck on that one.

President Barack Obama will attempt to regain control of a boiling debate over anti-terrorism policy with a major speech on Thursday — an address that comes on the same day that former Vice President Dick Cheney will be weighing in with his own speech on the same theme.

The dueling speeches amount to the most direct engagement so far between Obama and his conservative critics in the volatile argument over what tactics are justified in detaining and interrogating suspected enemy combatants.

The national security debate — egged on by frequent charges from Cheney that Obama is leaving the country more vulnerable to attack — is the only subject on which many Republicans believe they have been able to gain traction against a popular president and the Democratic majority that now dominate Washington.

But, as described by administration sources, Obama’s speech is also intended to quiet the ire aimed at him from the political left. Some activists are furious over his recent decisions on continuing military commissions rather than civilian trials for suspected terrorists, and his about-face in deciding to fight a court order releasing photos of detainees undergoing abuse. read more here....

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