Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael Steele? Chairman? Quit? RNC? Really?

Again, I wrote that the minute the RNC PTB (powers that be) stepped in to take control of the checkbook, Steele is nothing but a Token.

And I am right.

Remember, taking the realm of the checkbook removes the power from Chairman Steele. Another thing, this is an inside way to push him out or give him an out to leave the post. It is not like Republicans are jumping for joy over Michael Steele. The man equates himself on the same stage as President Barack Obama and sorry, he not only lacks the gravitas, Steele can't even lick the boots of the man. for real. So, the Republicans took a gamble and made a dumb choice. This post is about grassroots, organizing, building the party and strengthening it in the states, not about all the glory road television gigs that Steele has had.

"They can contemplate all they want to, but the reality is if they want a figurehead chairman you can have a figurehead chairman, but it won't be Michael Steele," he said.


The Republicans so want this man to leave, so want him off the television, so want him to shut up, so want him to GO AWAY. Me, I would so love Steele to stay!!! His daily antics are to die for!!!

Then of course, the minute Steele drops a verbal viagra bomb, here comes the clean up crew:
Steele aides insist the chairman was not threatening to quit, but merely to fight over retaining his authority. But his comments reflect the persistent tension within the Republican National Committee over his chairmanship.

I don't care what anyone says, the RNC, GOP, Republicans have a pot of continuous hot mess stirring, I mean continuous.


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