Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Kennedy running for the senate, it seems, in Illinois

Yes, RFK's son who has lived here for years is sniffing the senate. Chris Kennedy on wiki.

Chris Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy, is considering a 2010 Illinois Senate bid for the seat currently held by Democrat Roland Burris, who was appointed by impeached former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

A spokeswoman for Kennedy confirmed to the Associated Press that he might run, but did not say when an announcement would be made.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley told the Chicago Sun-Times that the Kennedy name still holds sway in politics. “Sure it does. Yes, it does. You’d better believe it. Same thing as Barack Obama’s name. Those two names. You’d better believe it,” Daley said.

A number of Democrats are eyeing the seat regardless of whether or not Burris seeks re-election. His controversial appointment and almost non-existent fund-raising have opened the door to both a primary and general election challenge.

Yes, I agree with Daley, Kennedy's name does carry weight and after the debacle of President Obama's former seat, I put Chris Kennedy the one to beat at this time, on name recognition only. We all know politics, the sniffing has begun. And it has gotten very quiet downstate Illinois with this rumor.


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