Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unemployment rate is high as hell

For real.

For those bogus governors, like Sanford in South Carolina who attempted to put Obama on blast for the stimulus bill, but the coin was flipped and he is the one on blast in his own state. South Carolina has the third highest unemployment rate in this country and he did not want to accept extension for unemployment for his constituents in South Carolina?

SC, y'all need to get another governor, ASAP.

In March, Michigan again reported the highest jobless rate, 12.6 percent. The states with the next highest rates were Oregon, 12.1 percent; South Carolina, 11.4 percent; California, 11.2 percent; North Carolina, 10.8 percent; Rhode Island, 10.5 percent; Nevada, 10.4 percent; and Indiana, 10.0 percent. Nine additional states and the District of Columbia recorded unemployment rates of at least 9.0 percent.

These numbers are not good, period. As, I have written about the auto industry and the Obama Administration to possibly just let it go bankrupt, I hope he is prepared for heavy criticism in this area. We are talking middle class here, we are talking working folk here, we are talking about the bulk of America here.


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