Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It is on.....

Those who had anything to do with the signing off for torture, should be very scared right now.

Let me be clear. Barack Obama stood and still stands with what Rahm Emanuel said on the Sunday talk shows. He would prefer for us to move on past the Bush Administration, however traumatic and ill-advised that administration was. Obama is all about moving forward, but this country is founded on the law of the land and the moving on theme was always going to be a hard sell to the public for Obama.

There is a lot of anger out there towards the former Bush Administration. Anger on the Iraq War, Katrina, the politicized Justice Department, the money thrown away on Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, the housing mess, China, and the list is endless. But what the Bush Administration did was torture and what they left us is repercussion worldwide.

Sure, I am all for moving on, but I am also for not ever letting this happen again. Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama was wrong for stating that no prosecution will be forthcoming dealing with torture. It is not Obama nor Emanuel's job to say what is going to be prosecuted in this country and what is not going to be, that is left to the United States Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama deserved the backlash from that blanket statement and the walkback is warranted.

The Team Bush brain trust that approved CIA torture techniques faces a roughing-up after President Obama reopened the possibility of investigation - and even prosecution.

Just five days after urging against "recrimination" for the George W. Bush-era torture of terror suspects, President Obama said Attorney General Eric Holder is free to probe the White House higher-ups who authorized the tough treatment.

I know Barack Obama is about consensus, but until we acknowledge and be forth right about what really happened, going forward is not going to be easy. The public deserves the right to know what happened. Transparency is one of the key reasons Barack Obama was elected and though he may not like the criminal road that we are about to walk down, we deserve the right to know what happened, but more importantly to be told the truth after being lied to for eight years.


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