Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama is making us look weak

Amazing, just amazing that folks like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan can sit up on television and state that Obama is making the U.S. look weak. Shaking hands with Hugo Chavez is a gesture. Remember, George W. Bush said that he could look into Putin's sole and know he is a good man. See how far that got us? At least Obama did not make a stupid statement like that, but acted like a gracious politician that he is.

It is smarmy statements like this that did not help us fight the Iraq War, which bankrupted this country, don't believe it, ask our banker named, China. But the right winged talkers are exploding at the seams because of a handshake.

Concerned troll Buchanan states that Obama is being made a mockery of, accepting the anti-American book by Chavez. What does this mean? Absolutely, nothing. One thing we have learned is that Barack Obama is a gracious man, who is also a hard ball politician. Don't believe it? Ask Hillary Clinton or John McCain, whose dust was left on the election road by Obama. Taking a picture, shaking a hand, means nothing. But being in the room with persons of state who we have direct disagreement and starting dialogue is a beginning.

Concerned trolls Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan seem to have limited memory. Let me refresh it for you. Barack Obama campaigned on retaining our stature in the international arena, it means having conversation with those countries who may hate us. It was the "us against them" attitude that left the United States isolated in the War of Terror.

The former administration left an international mess, besides the domestic one, it is up to our new head of state to push forward the new policy of the United States of America. To say he is a mockery or failure and not even 100 days in is psycho talk, as Ed Schultz puts it.

I guess the only way that conservatives or so called conservatives can go forward is by the daily pounding of images they think they see, instead of being real about it. The Fox News of the world with Nazi images and comparing Obama as one is one of the main reasons that the Republican Party is on the outs right now in this country.

The same old spin, rinse, repeat is all the conservatives have right now.

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