Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama ahead of the Republicans in the Polls

The continuous bickering, pointing fingers, being obstructionists are not sitting well with the American Public, especially when many are losing jobs, losing homes, and are in dire straits. The Republicans can play this game all they want, but this is the same game that put them in the wilderness weeds.

Seventy-six percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Monday gave Obama a thumbs-up on how he's performing his duties, while 23 percent disapproved.

[snip] Sixty-four percent of those polled said the current bill being debated in the Senate would help the economy a lot or somewhat, while 36 percent felt that the package would not help the economy much or at all.

"The public may be lukewarm on the stimulus package because they only see limited benefits from it," Holland said. "Sixteen percent say it would help the economy a lot, but 48 percent foresee only some improvements if the bill passes."

Obama is out there selling this stimulus package because he must. The support has softened on this bill and he must explain to the public not only why it is important, but what this bill will do for you, the average joe and joesetta.

Tomorrow President Obama is in Florida, being introduced by Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) who is behind Obama 1000% for this stimulus package, as many other Republican governors are across this country. That alone says something, it says that states across this country are unable to balance their budgets, unemployment numbers are soaring, money is running out and time for partisan gridlock must be set aside.

And here is what the Gallup Poll looks like for Obama:

And the independents:
In addition, a 51% majority of independents say it is critically important to pass a stimulus bill, 27% say it is moderately important, and only 17% say it's not important. The numbers among the Republican base, as we might expect, are wildly different: Only 29% say it is critically important, 37% say it's important but not critically so, and 31% say it's not important.

Let's get this stimulus package passed. Enough of the nastiness and gridlock of Washington, D.C.

Gallup Poll