Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FLOTUS, Michelle Obama reads to children at DC Social Services Center (Video)

First lady Michelle Obama says it is important to think about where you've come from and how you can give back.

That's one of the messages she carried with her Tuesday on a visit to a local social services center, where she got down on the carpeted floor to read with toddlers and, separately, chatted up a group of teenagers who later said they were surprised to have received such a high-profile visitor.

Asked why she came to Mary's Center, Mrs. Obama said she was raised to believe that "what you get, you give back." She said she wants to do that in Washington, as she did when living in her native Chicago, now that the District of Columbia is her home.

She touched on her middle-class upbringing and told them how each of her successes helped her become a more confident person.

"I have in some way been where you are," she told the 13 teenagers who sat with her in chairs arranged in a circle. She said she thinks it's important for young kids "to see me, not the first lady, to see that there is no magic to me sitting here." read more here

It is this quote that I love the most:
"Hello, little people. What's going on," she said as she entered the room. "First of all my name is Michelle and I'm married to the president of the United States. Do you know his name?"

"Barack Obama," shouted 5-year-old Anais Ngako.


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