Monday, February 9, 2009

GOP on the Rush Limbaugh bandwagon all the way!!!

Again, do we really think the GOP/Republicans want this stimulus package to work? Do we? They are obstructionists, even to the core of sacrificing their own districts and states. Instead of coming to the table in good faith, they have done everything not to work in good faith. We must remember these are the same cast of characters who pushed the Bush Administration's bills through without a thought. They are responsible for where we are now, almost off the cliff economically.

After giving the package zero votes in the House, and with their counterparts in the Senate likely to provide in a crucial procedural vote today only the handful of votes needed to avoid a filibuster, Republicans are relishing the opportunity to make a big statement. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) suggested last week that the party is learning from the disruptive tactics of the Taliban, and the GOP these days does have the bravado of an insurgent band that has pulled together after a big defeat to carry off a quick, if not particularly damaging, raid on the powers that be.

"We're so far ahead of where we thought we'd be at this time," said Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), one of several younger congressmen seeking to lead the party's renewal. "It's not a sign that we're back to where we need to be, but it's a sign that we're beginning to find our voice. We're standing on our core principles, and the core principle that suffered the most in recent years was fiscal conservatism and economic liberty. That was the tallest pole in our tent, and we took an ax to it, but now we're building it back."

Core principles? Like reducing a surplus by President Clinton to an over trillion dollar deficit under President Bush?

Sorry, these folks have no credibility at all when it comes to the economy. They sat there in denial as over 10,000 homes were in foreclosure daily, did not think the economy was in a tailspin, and God forbid saying the "R" word, "Recession."

In the end, we still see Rush Limbaugh taking hold of the Republican Party, with message and tone. And we say, continue on Rush, you did a hell of a job in 2006 and 2008!!


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