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Morning Brew....All About the Benjamins....

obama returning to chicago


All About the Benjamins, Ends, Cheddar or Money....

There is one thing about the Obama Campaign, when they don't want you to know something, you don't.

The campaign conveniently leaked that they only raised 30M for June, or inconveniently, to the press and they bit. It was all over the internet that the campaign raised not only just 30M but that McCain was not far from nipping at the heel.

Well, put all that to rest. Obama raised a whopping 52M for the month of June. And 50M of it earmarked for the primary. Meaning he can continue to spend this money up until the convention when he accepts the nomination.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee ended June with a combined total of $92.3 million in the bank. The figure represents a notable fundraising jump, especially for the DNC.

Obama reported $72 million cash on hand and the DNC $20.3 million. But the Democrats still lag Republican John McCain's presidential campaign and the Republican Party.

We are still off the mark here.

Since Obama is not accepting public funding, he really has to raise an average of 50M a month. So, let's keep giving. We all know the drill and what the GOP/Republicans are about. We also know how a divisive campaign they are going to run against Obama. To respond, you need money. Please give. Thanks.


Obama is Overseas Bound

This trip had to be made, period.

As the primary lagged forever, I was wondering how Obama was going to pull the party together, raise all the money needed and make this overseas trip.

There is a reason that Obama is lagging behind the "commander in chief" role, because he is the new kid on the block. McCain is a well traveled suitcase, he has been in politics for over 25 years a fixture in Washington, DC. So, Obama must make this trip.

Now, the world is preparing for the enigma of "Obama". As well as the United States media stars.
As he prepares to embark on a journey that will take him to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Israel Jordan and three major European capitals, opportunities and risks lie ahead for Senator Barack Obama.

“Conflicting emotions” are likely to greet Mr. Obama when he arrives in Iraq, the Times’s Sabrina Tavernise and Richard A. Oppel Jr. report. The reporters survey Iraqis to detect some of the undercurrents of public opinion about the presumptive Democratic nominee: continue


In Iraq, Mixed Feelings About Obama and His Troop Proposal
A tough Iraqi general, a former special operations officer with a baritone voice and a barrel chest, melted into smiles when asked about Senator Barack Obama.

“Everyone in Iraq likes him,” said the general, Nassir al-Hiti. “I like him. He’s young. Very active. We would be very happy if he was elected president.”

But mention Mr. Obama’s plan for withdrawing American soldiers, and the general stiffens.

“Very difficult,” he said, shaking his head. “Any army would love to work without any help, but let me be honest: for now, we don’t have that ability.”

Thus in a few brisk sentences, the general summed up the conflicting emotions about Mr. Obama in Iraq, the place outside America with perhaps the most riding on its relationship with him.

There was, as Mr. Obama prepared to visit here, excitement over a man who is the anti-Bush in almost every way: a Democrat who opposed a war that many Iraqis feel devastated their nation. And many in the political elite recognize that Mr. Obama shares their hope for a more rapid withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. continue


obama in lafayette, in


Deep Economic Worries

Are we surprised at this?
Americans are deeply worried about their economic prospects and they want government to invest in expanding economic opportunity and assisting those in need, according to a new poll released today.

The Rockefeller Foundation/Time magazine poll of 2,008 Americans, conducted between June 19 and 29, found significant increases in economic anxiety, especially among young people and minorities, and dissatisfaction with the federal government’s response.

The percentage of Americans concerned with their own economic situation, at 47 percent, has nearly doubled from 24 percent in January 2007 when the Rockefeller Foundation conducted a similar study. The percentages of Americans who fear losing their job and have failed to pay a bill in the past year also rose since last January. continue


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so, how is your day going?

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