Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Evening Wrap Up with Obama, McCain, Polls, Ads and Howard Dean

michelle greeted by the first lady of colorado jeannie ritter


hardball take on the new national polls


Obama ramping up in Virginia

As Obama is sending hundreds of field workers to Missouri, he is opening up 20 offices for the general election in Virginia.

Here's another real sign that the Obama campaign is dead serious about making a real play for Virginia.

The Obama campaign plans to open 20 new field offices in the state -- and at least five of them are in very red areas where Dems have traditionally feared to tread, Obama's Virginia director of communications, Kevin Griffis, confirms to me.

The Obama team is setting up shop in Winchester and Bristol, both of which are in areas that voted for Bush in 2004 by at least 25 points. Camp Obama is also adding an office in Harrisonburg, which went for Bush by 13 and is in the reliably-red Shenandoah Valley. continue


new ad, "timeline"


Unity is a word that is still hard to swallow

Some of the Hillraisers, turned PUMAs, turned ugly heads just can not swallow or fathom a "Barack Obama".

When you look at the positions of Obama and Clinton, the difference is sparse. They look and mirror the same, on paper with exception of Clinton's disastrous Iraq (AUMF) Vote, which in the end really did do her in.

So why the hate?

Look, we saw racism raise its ugly head in this primary season. We have democrats, some that are bigots and racists that will not vote for Barack. Even though, the Democratic Party is the big tent, we have some running around the tent that feel that way. That is a fact. What we don't need is Hillary Clinton's name introduced on the floor for POTUS in Denver and all hell breaking loose.

There are still many out there who believe they can change the minds of these super delegates and Clinton clinches the nomination. But in this backwards and unrealistic thought is that this is the most disastrous thing that could possibly happen.

Read it, here.



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Obama Campaign goes after New York Times

Basically the article states Obama is not closing the racial divide with white americans. The point is this, no democrat has won the white vote since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. Carter did not win it, nor Bill Clinton. How they won is by having strong African-American block with a coalition of other groups to win.

Why is it that John McCain addressed the NAACP Convention in Cincinnati today? Because he need to improve his numbers for the African-American vote. Right now by polling he is barely getting 5%, when Bush in 2004 got 11% of the African-American vote. Now you understand how Bush won in 2004.

Barack Obama will win by heavy African-American vote, new voters, the Hispanic vote must come his way, and just enough of the moderate and independent to win this in November.

Here is the rebuttal on the NYT article. And the NYT admitting the title was misleading, here. Below is the McCain address to the NAACP today and here is Barack's from July 14th, here.


and naming an aids bill after JESSE HELMS??? Ah, Hell to the Naw, on that one...

new vets for freedom, a pro war group, ad stating the surge is working, view here...

fbi investigating indymac for fraud...good luck on that one...

management secrets of barack obama....two words from me, it works...

planned parenthood hits mccain hard, view it here.

obama is the third term of george w. bush? are we kidding here? this is too stupid to respond.


second national security ad

and howard dean.....

So, did you get your groove on today?

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