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Evening Wrap Up with Obama, GOP after Michelle, and McCain Camp Whining

michelle in washington state raising money for governor chris gregoire


The GOP will not let up on Michelle Obama

Now the Washington State Republican Party is running an ad against Michelle's "patriotism statement".

Well, you take a look and decide, but this is my take, obviously whatever the GOP is doing it is not WORKING. To bring yourself to mock or attack the Democratic candidate's wife is weak. Meaning, you must not have much of a leg left to stand on.

Bill Burton, Obama Campaign Spokesman says this:

With our economy in shambles, our nation at war and our challenges mounting by the day, it is beyond sad that the Republican Party of Washington would spend its time launching shameful attacks on the wife of a candidate--attacks our current First Lady Laura Bush has decried . Michelle Obama has lived the American Dream, and it’s love of country that leads Michelle and Barack to make this race. But how does it strengthen our country to pollute our politics with false and mean-spirited attacks? John McCain promised us better. It's up to him to curb these tactics, or take responsibility for them.

Barack Obama tells Glamour: "Debate me, not Michelle"


First, McCain Camp criticizes Obama not going to Iraq, now criticizing he is going to Iraq

John McCain, the minute Obama was the 'presumptive' nominee, was demanding townhall meetings. In fact, McCain was demanding townhall meetings once a week up to the conventions.

The Obama Campaign put McCain on ignore and was correct to do so. I wrote that Obama does not need to share any stage with John McCain, giving McCain free media, giving the elder senator from Arizona a chance to improve himself and his image against Obama. Many was for this, many stated that this would be good for America, for that point I agree, but politically the tip is to Obama.

Why should the Obama Campaign help John McCain? Why would Obama even go to Iraq with McCain giving a photo op to McCain as the elder statesman and Obama, well the kid? And all this time as the McCain Campaign has been pounding Obama about not going to Iraq and Afghanistan, they are now bracing for what the Obama overseas trip will be.

The McCain Campaign is now complaining that the media is bias to Obama, they are now whining and complaining about Obama's trip.
GOPers and McCain aides are seizing on the fact that a huge media retinue is planning on following Obama to Europe in order to argue that the press is favoring Obama:

The coverage also feeds into concerns in Mr. McCain's campaign, and among Republicans in general, that the news media are imbalanced in their coverage of the candidates, just as aides to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton felt during the primary season.

"In every campaign, time is a finite resource, so it is unproductive to spend it worrying about the way Obama is covered," said Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman for Mr. McCain. "That being said, it certainly hasn't escaped us that the three network newscasts will originate from stops on Obama's trip." continue

My take, the GOP have a very weak candidate who is unexciting, period. You can not blame Barack Obama for the media that he has gotten thus far and will get through the general election. That call is on the networks, period.

Obviously, the major networks believe Obama is more of a story to follow through the middle east and europe that they are sending Katie Courac, Brian Williams and Charles Gibson to follow Obama on this overseas trip. McCain had his tour in the middle east, south america and it was a bust. In fact, at a press conference in Iraq, McCain had to be corrected several times on misstatements thanks to Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Lindsey Graham.

Don't blame this one on Obama. It was the McCain Campaign crying that he does not know what he is talking about with reference to Iraq, pounding him to go to Iraq. Guess what? He is going and making a few additional stops, too.

Lastly, we understand the McCain Campaign is bracing itself for the outpour of citizens of these countries who will line the streets for just a glimpse of Barack Obama. For Americans, this should make us feel better, proud. Finally, someone on the national stage that will be respected and can bring our good name back from the tarnish of the Bush years. That is something McCain FAILED to do.

Remember McCain, you always have FOX NEWS, for whatever that is worth.


The Obama Iraq Documentary

This is being put out by the McCain Campaign. They are attempting to get into the "youtube" game.

Obama Campaign response:
Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan replied to the video, “All John McCain has ever looked for in Iraq are reasons to stay there indefinitely. He has stubbornly championed a strategy of fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq regardless of the shifting facts offered to justify it, regardless of the levels of violence and political progress in the country, and regardless of the gathering strength of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan."

"And now," Sevugan continued, "as he advocates a policy of staying in Iraq indefinitely, it is clear that he is going to continue to adhere to George Bush’s ideological agenda even as every other critical national security challenge is neglected, and our troops continue to fight tour after tour of duty and our taxpayers spend $10 billion a month in Iraq,” said Obama campaign spokesman Hari Sevugan.


Nevada is really in play

New Rasmussen poll has Obama 47, McCain 45. But here is a take on many of these state polls, below:

and with poll numbers, is the money....


Obama opening offices in Montana and Colorado. This movement is real....

Bill Clinton ready to campaign for Obama. About time.

Some Clinton supporters, just can't let it go. sigh....

Countdown for Change application for iphone....totally cool....

Former Clinton Campaign Manger, Patti Solis Doyle, finally talking and on the O-Train...

Missed the Morning Brew? Here.....

and the Planned Parenthood Ad, encore...

so, how was your day?

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