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This Week With Barack Obama, The Presumptive Democratic Nominee, June 8-15, 2008

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barack at apostolic church of god in chicago, il


father's day speech, june 15, 2008


Obama Up 50% to 44% per RasmussenObama Leading McCain in New York; Obama leads in the NBC/WSJ Poll; Obama Gains Among Women After Clinton Exit; Wisconsin Poll; McCain Bleeding Support In Iowa;Putting NC in play; Dems satisfied with Obama, Republicans McCain, not so much; SUSA WA: Obama Blowing McCain Away (O 56, M 39); Obama Takes Lead In MICHIGAN; Obama Surges Ahead!

McCain playing catch up to Obama's Wis. operation
Obama Camp Reaches Out To Clinton Fundraisers
McCain wastes no time in turning negative
Obama sends N.C. message
Democratic Party: Obama can win Virginia
Barack Obama is $100M man

A Delegator, Obama Picks When to Take Reins


Experts see black churches as key in November election
Obama's victory contains a lesson for Britain
Obama vs. McCain: Study in contrasts
Presidential Race Boils Down to 15 States
Obama Meets with Conservative and Progressive Religious Leaders

michelle with barack in columbus, ohio

Republicans Gird for Big Losses in Congress
Republicans are bracing for double-digit losses in the House and the prospect of four or five losses in the Senate, as they fight to hold a wide range of districts and states normally seen as safe for them, from Alaska and Colorado to Mississippi and North Carolina.

The feared setback for Republicans, coming two years after their 2006 drubbing, is unusual for several reasons. It is rare for a party to lose two election cycles in a row. And many expect losses even if their presidential candidate, John McCain, captures the White House.

Democrats already hold majorities in the Senate and House. Democrats hold 49 seats in the Senate, and they often have the votes of the chamber's two independents. In the House, Democrats have 235 seats compared with 199 for Republicans.

But a wider margin of control in both chambers would give the party a more workable majority, a change that would let it push more ambitious agendas on health care, energy policy and tax issues. While Democrats are already able to pass much of their agenda through the House, many of those bills currently get stuck in the Senate. A handful more seats in that chamber would give Democrats a better chance of overcoming filibusters, which require 60 votes to break. WSJ

obama shadowing a nurse in a st. louis, mo hospital

McCain and Obama: The odd candidates
Campaigns gear up for Michigan battle
Latinos will vote for Obama
Inside Obama's 50-State Fight

barack and sasha on father's day


Learning to be Michelle Obama
Candidates Focus on Gas Prices Soar
Barack Obama recruits team to tackle web smears
McCain, Obama Matchup Puts New States in Play

barack in raleigh, nc

icebergslim’s last word: smears or just say lies

The Obama Campaign has unleashed a website called “Fight the Smears”. This was prompted due to a reporter asking Barack about the non-existent tape in which Michelle Obama was supposed to call someone “whitey”, and for the record it does not exist.

This is what I call an about time moment.

We have had to deal with is Barack a Muslim, a real U.S. citizen, the Reverend Wright mess, is he patriotic, etc. It has gotten so that now Barack Obama’s birth certificate is available for all to view.

The GOP is gearing up early to try to smear the Obamas. Why? Well, look at the state of this country under GOP rule for most of the past 8 years. This country is bankrupt by the Iraq War, unable to pay our own bills and assist the citizens here, and the rich have became super rich gods under George W. Bush. The most important part of this is the fraction in the GOP who don’t like their own party, hate what it has become, unenthusiastic for McCain, and will either stay home or secretly vote Obama.

If you knew all this, you would create rumors too.

Will it work? I don’t think so. I had some people at work who asked me about some of these rumors. I immediately directed them to the Obama website, Fight the Smears, and then asked why is this crap out there? Easy, we are in a different campaign age.

Campaigns now must fight on two fronts, the traditional media and the internet. It is easy to prop up a website, write false stories, source doctored information and call it fact. It is up to each and every one of us to push back and make sure the story is correct. As, I told one gentleman at work who was all worked up on Reverend Wright, but then stated Obama is a Muslim. I said, “How can he be both Christian and Muslim? Does that make any sense to you?” Well, he shut up because he sounded like an idiot, but it did make him think.

This campaign will get far nastier as the days wind down. Once the McCain campaign find out in the hard numbers that they cannot win, they will assault the Obama Campaign by personal attacks and the 527s will do it hard. It is up to us to have our response ready and rapid with facts.

Power is something many don’t want to relinquish, but after George W. Bush, relinquish the power the Republicans must.

change that works for you: flint, michigan


Barack Obama Chides Absentee Fathers; Obama helps with flood relief in Quincy, IL; Change That Works for You: Columbus, OH; Change that Works for You: Kaukauna, WI; Change that Works for You: Raleigh, NC; Barack Obama in St. Louis, MO;

McCain, Obama present different views on taxes
Obama begins general campaign in low-key style
Chicago having its moment with Obama and baseball
Women favor Obama
Johnson resigns from Obama's veep vetting team
Michelle Obama: Is she fair game?

well, much is going on. barack is out on the stump, reguarly, as well as michelle. this week, is much shorter due to a family emergency that has taken up most of my time lately. if you don't see this weekly on sundays, expect it on monday. keep the faith, get involved, and remember to focus on obama and not the drama...


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