Friday, June 20, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...

barack and dnc chairman howard dean

:: is ceasing its 527 to follow Obama's lead announced today that it is dismantling its 527 group in response to Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy.

The MoveOn Voter Fund, which was able to take in unlimited donations, has been essentially dormant since 2004, when it brought in $20 million of the group’s $50 million-haul. MoveOn will rely instead on its political action committee, MoveOn Political Action which can take in up to $5,000 from an individual.

Mr. Obama, who announced yesterday that he would not take public financing for his general election campaign, has been critical of the influence of outside groups, especially the so-called 527 groups, seen by many as a soft-money loophole.

“The small-donor driven politics that built MoveOn and the progressive movement has helped to drive Barack Obama’s candidacy,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of the liberal advocacy group, in a statement. “We’ve always believed this new kind of politics can change our country and end the gridlock in D.C. And now is the time to let the voices of ordinary Americans be heard in this election.”


Obama raised 22M for May.

OK, we need to pony up until the election. Click to donate on the left.


Governor's Roundtable in Chicago, Illinois


Newsweek Poll, Obama up 15 Points
Barack finally has his bounce. For weeks many political experts and pollsters have been wondering why the race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain had stayed so tight, even after the Illinois senator wrested the nomination from Hillary Clinton. With numbers consistently showing rock-bottom approval ratings for President Bush and a large majority of Americans unhappy with the country's direction, the opposing-party candidate should, in the normal course, have attracted more disaffected voters. Now it looks as if Obama is doing just that. A new NEWSWEEK Poll shows that he has a substantial double-digit lead, 51 percent to 36 percent, over McCain among registered voters nationwide.

My take, an outlier. Is Obama ahead nationally? Yes, I believe so, but not by 15 points. We are just getting started and preparing for the groundgame. This campaign has a long time before the real polls matter which is usually two weeks out.

New poll from New Hampshire: Obama 50, McCain 39.


Hagel says he'd consider VP offer from Obama

Personally, I don't think it will happen, but if you are a visionary this is plausible.
Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel said Friday he would consider serving as Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's running mate if asked, but he doesn't expect to be on any ticket.

Hagel's vocal criticism of the Bush administration since the 2003 invasion of Iraq has touched off speculation that if Obama were to pick a Republican running mate, it might be Hagel. Hagel said in an interview with The Associated Press that after devoting much of his life to his country — in the Senate and the U.S. Army — he would have to consider any offer.

"If it would occur, I would have to think about it," Hagel said. "I think anybody, anybody would have to consider it. Doesn't mean you'd do it, doesn't mean you'd accept it, could be too many gaps there, but you'd have to consider it, I mean, it's the only thing you could do. Why wouldn't you?"


michelle speaks in dc


Obama and the Southside of Chicago


This Week with Barack Obama will be up on Sunday evening and have a great weekend. If you missed this morning break and that michelle dress, read it here.

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