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Ready to Attack Obama, But Geez...NO MONEY

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see this guy above in the back, that is the infamous man who blackened willie horton to the world, to be the scary black man that dukakis set free...well he is waiting, with his son to attempt the same trick on barack obama...

The man is Floyd Brown who relished in the delight of sinking Michael Dukakis in 1988, by attaching him as the liberal governor that set Willie Horton free to rape amuck.

That visual effect is still with me today. Remembering a commercial or ad, with a black man, with purposely darkened skin, a reminder to be afraid, be very afraid.

Well, this man with his son operates, a website waiting to jump in the 527 ad game, but the money is not coming his way.

We may have angered positions with Obama right now, but the Republican Party is shaking in its shoes. This is the party that knows how to muddy the waters and play the nasty game, no matter who it offends or take down; they know how to do it. But for some reason, this party is not raising the money fast enough to compete.

With Barack Obama opting out of receiving public financing funds, the game is different this election cycle. It is called, "I got the money, you don't have it, and I will do whatever the hell I want to up until November, and you can't."

Pretty Much.

Mr. Brown is back to his trade of bludgeoning a Democratic candidate for president, producing an innuendo-laden advertisement that is being televised this week in Michigan, albeit sparsely on cable, questioning Mr. Obama’s religious background.

The Obama campaign singled out Mr. Brown on Thursday as emblematic of the threat that independent groups on the right posed to him. On Friday, Mr. Obama, at a news conference in Jacksonville, Fla., again named Mr. Brown while defending his campaign’s rejection of public financing for the general election.

Barack Obama is showing his financial prowess by airing this ad in 18 states, which started yesterday. See he can do that because "he got 'financial' game, and McCain don't." Which brings us back to reality here, the 527s and negatives ads are coming, sooner than later, but right now they need something viable to make a dent, it is called MONEY.
Yet if Mr. Brown’s struggles are any indication — he has so far failed to raise much money — it is not clear that Republicans will be able to repeat their successes in 2004, when independent groups like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth had a significant role in undermining Senator John Kerry’s campaign.

I agree here. The public's sentiment towards the Republicans is bad, period. I know die hard Republicans who will not, repeat not, vote Republican in the fall. They want change and if THEY feel that way towards their party, I know this feeling is all over the country. If you believe that MONEY DOES NOT MATTER IN ELECTIONS, think again. It does.
No major independent effort to help Senator John McCain’s campaign has materialized. Although Republican operatives say something will eventually develop, alarm has spread among many, especially after Mr. Obama’s announcement on Thursday on public financing, raising the prospect that he will wield an enormous financial advantage over Mr. McCain in the fall.

All the cable talking desk clerks have been jabbering away with "the democrats won't come together...the party is fractured...etc...", only to see repeated national and state polls to show that Barack Obama is shoring up our party and bringing it together, but McCain? Not so much.
Major donors are said to be uncertain of Mr. McCain’s chances as Republicans face a decidedly unfavorable climate in the fall....

Yes, they are uncertain, but since McCain has to take public financing money he is relying on these groups to do the dirty work, carry his water through the summer to the convention.
Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser to Mr. McCain, said Friday that although Mr. McCain had made clear his objections to such groups, he also recognized that a number of them were poised to work on Mr. Obama’s behalf. Mr. Schmidt said Mr. McCain understood that “people who want to participate in the process because of what’s going on the other side are going to participate in the process.”

“He’s not going to be a unilateral referee,” Mr. Schmidt added.

Yes, McCain is like Obama, don't like these groups, but need these groups because he cannot translate nor control his message because he is financially handicapped. He must depend on these groups because Obama will be running ads all summer, can he continue to have his poll numbers drop because he is virtually non-existent?

The RNC says Obama opting out will "energize" the base, but so far the base is not energized by Republicans at all.

This is why we are seeing McCain play the Clinton Primary Playbook. Rehashing attacks that Clinton had towards Obama during the primaries and virtually using her words verbatim. And we will add Cindy McCain to the mix, by keeping the perpetual controversy of the Michelle Obama patriotism alive with a dig on GMA Thursday.

The good news is the following: Barack Obama is CEO of Obama for America and is totally independent of any money from public financing. He can spend his money as he see fit with no issues. He can play in every state with no hassles. And he can raise as much money as he wants too, period.

The bad news is the following: John McCain is handcuffed to public financing and must rely on 527s to muddy up the waters for him. He cannot spend lavishly as Obama; he will have to be targeted and must wait until after the Republican Convention to start. The 527s are not raising the money so fast and many are not interested in them, this time around. The laws are stricter and Mr. Brown's group only have 40K in the bank, after the first quarter filing.
For conservatives hoping to repeat the Swift Boat effort, Federal Election Commission rulings after the 2004 election put such advertisements, which questioned a candidate’s character and fitness for office, off limits to 527s specifically.

Does this mean these groups won't be active? Of course not. This pathetic group has a web ad up lying about Obama being a Muslim, when he is a Christian.

But what one can hope is that he does not get the money needed to go full blown, but again, we are in election territory that is new to everyone involved and the old adage of "wait and see" is very applicable.


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