Monday, June 9, 2008

Evening Wrap Up....including Obama's Speech (in full) on the Economy, Raleigh, NC

speech in raleigh, nc


Next, Fox News, E.D. Hill and calling the Obama "fist bump" or "dap" a terrorist fist jab. Really, NO KIDDING.

But you see Governor Easley of North Carolina has no problem with "da dap"...

So, I ask you this, "Is Governor Easley a terrorist?" Yes, it is coming down to the stupids.


John and Elizabeth Edwards were in Raleigh, NC today for Obama's speech on the economy and a surprise came from Obama:

"I'm going to be partnering up with Elizabeth Edwards - we're going to be figuring all this out," Obama said when addressing his proposed reform to the health care system.

Former Senator John Edwards endorsed Obama on May 14, but his wife is a different case: remaining neutral in the race since her husband dropped his own presidential bid.

Mrs. Edwards has stated in the past that she supported Senator Hillary Clinton's health care plan because it mandated people to have health insurance – a requirement that Senator Obama's plan does not include.

"I don't think there's two people in the country who have done more to elevate the debate about politics who have focused on critical issues like health care and who have made us all think about our obligations to create one America," Obama said of the couple, remarking that over the 16 month primary process he has gotten to know them well.

I fully see Elizabeth in this role. She is a true advocate for single payer healthcare in this country. If she and Obama can come together for this critical issue, I can do nothing but applaud both.


McCain compares Obama to Jimmy Carter.

He has a lot of nerve. Here is a 71, soon to be 72 year old man who is totally clueless on the economy, only cares about winning a victory in Iraq, does not have to worry about $4/plus gas prices and will continue the Bush Mandate.

This election will be about every citizen's economic interest. We will either continue to go down a never-ending hole, or demand change and that is Obama.


Is Iowa another Katrina? With the levees and dams breaking in Iowa and Wisconsin one can only think, what else will fall apart in this country's infrastructure?


Obama on the Economy with CNBC


Scott McClellan, former Bush Administration Press Secretary and author of a scathing all book about this administration "What Happened", is going to the Hill to testify in front of the Congressional Judiciary Committee. Folks, if this man tells the truth, which I think he will, expect some bombshells to come out of his mouth. And expect the White House to attempt him from testifying.


A shoutout to my favorite pollster, poblano a.k.a. Nate Silver, is profiled in the latest Newsweek. If you have not checked out is website, please look to the left of this blog, he lives at His predictions have put the professional pollsters to shame.


Obama VP Committee on the Hill in closed door meeting with members of congress about, guess what? Promising VP PICKS!!!!

Another note, new polling suggests a mixed bag with Hillary Clinton on the ticket with Barack Obama. Always remember, she is beloved with the Democratic base, outside of that base, NOT SO MUCH.


And John McCain on the economy and going after the "Hillary Democrats", the women. I know the emotions are raw, but once women know McCain's position on the woman's right to choose, equal pay, Iraq War, Headstart for our Children, many will stand with Obama in the end.


had to add this smoking video by Jill Scott and George Benson singing "Summertime"....priceless

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