Monday, June 9, 2008

Brunch Time!!!

First the African-American churches are getting organized and mobilized. I read this article in the Boston Herald, but I already knew this as my own church is organizing already.

This year, more than perhaps any in American history, experts say, the role of African-American churches could help decide the election.

Just as they helped catapult John F. Kennedy to the presidency nearly a half-century ago, local black ministers already are mobilizing to get out the vote in November. And their backing could help Sen. Barack Obama become the first African-American president.

Expect RECORD TURNOUT NATIONWIDE with the African-American group. Expect LONG LINES with this group and expect them to DELIVER for Obama in record numbers.

Yes. Expect it all from this group.


Well, here is a title that should make you read, "Where Whites Draw the Line".

Millions of African-Americans celebrated Barack Obama’s historic victory, seeing in it a reflection — sudden and shocking — of their own expanded horizons. But whether Mr. Obama captures the White House in November will depend on how he is seen by white Americans. Indeed, some people argue that one of the reasons Mr. Obama was able to defeat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was that a large number of white voters saw him as “post racial.”

In other words, Mr. Obama was black, but not too black.

I don't get this. Obama is black, but not too black? WTF? What is too black? Is it the color of one's skin? Is it the educational realm of a person's resume? Is it not wearing an afro? Is it not having braids? Is it the community you come from? Is it the way I or others speak?

What is it?

We need to get past this. For me, this is why Obama's candidacy is important. If he wins and Hillary was right on this one, he opens doors for all those "identified groups on job applications in this country", but more importantly if we can transcend past race, we can move this country forward together.


50 State Strategy

Senator Barack Obama’s general election plan calls for broadening the electoral map by challenging Senator John McCain in typically Republican states — from North Carolina to Missouri to Montana — as Mr. Obama seeks to take advantage of voter turnout operations built in nearly 50 states in the long Democratic nomination battle, aides said.

With gas prices at $4/plus across this country, folks losing their homes at record pace, job loss, The Iraq War, China/India gobbling up the gas pushing the prices higher and higher for the consumer, the dollar is not worth spit internationally, food prices inflated, Katrina still fucked up in NOLA, people still mad as hell in Minnesota on that bridge collapse, infrastructure in this country crumbling, do the republicans think people are not angry at what they did to this country?

I believe, in the end, people will vote their ECONOMIC interest and that is not on the side of the Republicans. We have weathered one of the worst presidential administrations in the history of this country. Anyone associated with those criminals at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, should leave and never come in front of the American public again.


The GOP worrying about McCain?

Shit, they should.

"I think we've got a world of problems," said one Republican strategist with extensive experience in presidential campaigns. He said this came home to him with a thud when he watched Obama and McCain give speeches last Tuesday, with the Democrat speaking before "20,000 screaming fans, while John McCain looked every bit of his 72 years" in a speech televised from New Orleans. This Republican cited the liberal blogger Atrios' description of McCain's speech with a green backdrop that made McCain "look like the cottage cheese in a lime Jell-O salad."

All you have to do is look at the speeches given last Tuesday night. McCain came off as an old, ineffective, tired 72 year old man.

This GOP operative is RIGHT. You see 20K enthusiastic people versus a room of doggy old people. And this is nothing against the elders, but when you have a drastic difference of appearance and style, and this is a change election, who will you tune into to hear?



Fox News anchor calls the Obama’s’ fist pound ‘a terrorist fist jab.’

A terrorist jab? If this is the case, come and ARREST ME. Millions of folk have been doing this 'dap' for YEARS.

This is as weak as weak can get. And we should not be surprised it came from that brilliantly smart staff of FOX!!!!

Click on the link to listen to that crap.


And since I am from Chicago, we have been following the R. Kelly Trial. Those not familiar with this Grammy award winning artist, most noted for his pen of "I Believe I Can Fly" tune is in a heated trial on child pornography.

Right now it appears that Kelly is using the "Shaggy" defense, "It Wasn't Me".

The high-priced defense team likened the film-editing trick to the technology used in "Little Man," the 2006 film in which Marlon Wayans was digitally manipulated to look like a 1-year-old baby. (He actually played a diminutive thief whom Shawn Wayans mistakes as his newly adopted son, but we'll spare you the rest of that painful plot summary.)

MTV News caught up to Shawn Wayans recently and asked him how difficult such an endeavor would be. The actor seemed to agree with the prosecution's expert witnesses, who said the process would be extremely expensive and wholly time consuming.

"It's not easy and it's very complicated," Wayans told MTV. "It takes a lot of special effects guys to plot that out."

Wayans said he didn't want to get involved in the trial and described the so-called "Little Man" defense as "very creative." Indeed, it may be the best press the movie has ever received, given that one critic called the widely panned film "fatuous, unfunny and profoundly unentertaining."

Again, this is a stretch, for real.

When this story broke, it was about Kelly having sex with underage girls, around 13-15 year olds. The artist said it was not him, tried to prop up his brother, but he did not take that bait, especially when you are looking at the jail time starting around 25 years.

The initial tape was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. The paper turned the tape over to the D.A.

The irony of this is that that tape was manufactured like wild fire. I know several people who saw this tape and in their conclusion, it was Kelly. Oh, the tape was sold on just about every corner in Chicago and went viral on the internet.

Kelly is definitely in a fight for his life. Jail time ends his production as an artist and he is one of the best writers in this business.

My take? From following this trial and his money influence to continually push this trial back, rumor of payola of witnesses, along with some charges being thrown out over the course, I think he is guilty.

And don't forget he married late hip/hop artist, Aaliyah, she was 15 or 16. Her parents whisked her away from him, in a hurry, along with an annulment.

I know many will say, what about those girls? What about their parents? Etc.? And I say, what about being an adult and knowing what you are doing is legally and morally WRONG. What about that?

So? How is your day going?

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