Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Afternoon Break...Reunited and It Feels So Good...


first up, hillary

next, barack

and read my diary on Daily Kos, about unity


There are over 4,000 parties/get togethers nationwide setup, don't wait find one and join us.


Or is unity asking too much?

I know this is supposed to be a marriage, but behind the scenes, it feels more like a divorce.

There's a lot of sadness and hurt between the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton camps, with both sides fighting over money and loyalty.

Before the unity fest to began here in Unity, N.H., I was on the phone with some top Clinton supporters who attended a big gathering of major donors in Washington, D.C. last night.

It was hosted by Clinton's team, and to many in attendance, it didn't feel like a reunion. It felt like the arrival of a repo man.

"Hillary was sad, even pitiful I have to say," said one of her top donors.

"It was like, this guy is coming to take my family away."

But most of the right things were said.

Obama expressed a determination to help with Clinton's whopping campaign debt. continue


But what about this??

this guy promises to raise 10M for obama


mccain campaign running in the wrong direction


And folks mad that McCain is taking Saturdays and Sundays off????


david plouffe, obama campaign manager, on state of the race


Hiring former Clinton Staff


The Obamas maxed out to Hillary and the Clintons max out to Obama.


Evan Bayh, wants the VP slot

my take, YES...


chuck todd on the la times/bloomberg poll


lieberman must go

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