Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama up 50% in CO, IA and WI (NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll)

Seriously, how can Mitt ROBBED ME really think he can NOT campaign and win a presidency?

Anyway, here:

President Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin, reaching the key 50 percent support threshold in all three battlegrounds, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls of these states.

In both Colorado and Wisconsin, Obama is ahead by 5 points among likely voters (including those learning toward a candidate), 50 percent to 45 percent.

And in Iowa, the president’s edge over Romney is 8 points, 50 percent to 42 percent.

I have to agree with radio lefty, Norman Goldman, how can Romney expect to win this and he is not campaigning?

This is one vague and weird presidential campaign I have ever witnessed. Romney actually believe that he can just carpet bomb these swing states, that daily DON'T look swing and become president on nothing? Well, we are witnessing the voters decision become HARD towards Romney, thanks to Romney doing himself in. While, his campaign is saying the public want more MITT!!! Seriously, after all your own bullshit has blown in the wind for all of us to smell it? Good Luck.

Next stop, the Republicans will run to the mattresses to save their own asses and say the hell with Mitt Romney.

More from the poll:

A plurality of likely voters view Romney in a negative light in all three states. In Colorado, it’s 43 percent favorable to 50 percent unfavorable; in Iowa, it’s 42 percent to 50 percent; and in Wisconsin, it’s 43 percent to 46 percent.

By contrast, out of last week’s polls in Florida, Ohio and Virginia, just one of them – Ohio – found Romney’s favorable/unfavorable rating under water.

Lastly, Chuck Todd from NBC/MSNBC blasted Mitt Romney for not even CAMPAIGNING!! Seriously, this man thought he could run a ONE NOTE campaign, deliver no specifics and folks will flock to him. I think he is toast, but that does not mean we sit on our laurels and don't get this vote out. We double down and get every vote out!!

And the bonus, from Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word from last night:

All about Mitt and Ann Romney LYING. And you think you can win the people's vote by constantly lying? Good Luck and soon GOOD RIDDANCE.