Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney IS Thurston Howell III

Man, talk about flagrant disregard to the very voters you need to pull the LEVER for you.

Which goes back to my very distinct question, "Why does Mitt Romney want to be President?"

And it goes back to my premise, he just want to check it off his bucket list. Because after listening to his blatant disregard for almost half of this country, it can not be anything else.

Read more and watch more, here.

Lastly, Chuck Todd (clip below) brought up the "why does Mitt Romney want to be president?" By indicating the man hardly campaigns like he wants it. He is hardly in any battleground states, but running around collecting checks. Well, I will tell you why. Mitt Romney is going to go the scorch earth tactic by saturating these states with negative ads. He will play the air game from October until election day, November 6th. This is all he has left because, let us face the facts, the man is one of the most horrible candidates I have witnessed running for the presidency in decades. Will it work? Maybe, but my gut tells me NO. When you cross off half of the country as free loaders, do you think many will show up to vote for you?

I just don't think so.

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