Thursday, March 18, 2010

President Obama's full interview on Fox News with Brett Baier 3/17/10 (Video)

This interviewer was totally disrespectful. He continued to interrupt Obama on the questions, not letting him answer the questions. When has anyone done this to a sitting President? Certainly, not to former President Bush that I can remember. Then the other side of this is that President Obama has continued to run after these voters, the GOP, Republicans and got nothing from it. And when you continue to do this the perception is that of being weak, whether the argument is fair or not. Again, I would not want any interviewer to interrupt any sitting Head of State, no matter what aisle you sit on. And President Obama, enough of this. Fox News, Tea Party, GOP, Republicans in DC will ALWAYS vote against anything with your name attached to it. I would think you have figured this out by now.

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