Friday, March 12, 2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, "No Public Option" in the reconcilation bill

The White House is silent. Why? The White House NEVER WANTED a public option, even though the polling on it is the highest for this part of the legislation. Where is the competition? Where is the cost savings? What happened to "health care like congress?" Folks, the White House must protect their deals that was cut. In doing so, torpedo the public option. Well, if you want Democrats to be fired up this sure is not doing so. We have sat and watched Barack Obama save the auto industry, the corrupt banks and Wall Street, every one else, but us, nah, we don't need a bail out nor a public option. And let us not talk about the mandate to MAKE US, YOU AND ME, purchase insurance or a hefty fine on us!! And the big hook, the insurance companies get in the tens of millions new customers!!! And we should trust this crooked industry to do the right thing in pricing? Health care will be chopped up like auto insurance, those who are older, need more coverage it will cost a whole lot, others who are young will pick the very minimum. Is this what it should be? But in this bill, are any premium and cost caps there? Of course not, this is an insurance "love fest" of a bill, all about them!!!!

President Obama you are really bogus here, to the utmost.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Thursday that she would not include a public option in a health care reconciliation package that the House will send to the Senate.

"We're talking about something that is not going to be part of the legislation," Pelosi said, noting "with sadness" that the public insurance option won't be part of legislation. "I'm quite sad that the public option is not in there," she said.

Earlier Thursday, a spokesman to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the Majority Whip, said Durbin would "aggressively whip" a health care bill that included a public option.

Pelosi, however, put the onus back on the Senate, saying that the chamber didn't have the votes needed for it.

"I'm not having the Senate, which didn't have a public option in its bill, put any of that on our doorstep," she said. "It did not prevail. What we will have in reconciliation will be something that is agreed upon, House and Senate, that they can pass and we can pass... It isn't in there because they don't have the votes."

Politicans only care about the next election, not us, including those at 1600 PA AVE, Washington, D.C.



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