Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama's greatest failure was to explain health care insurance reform to all of us (Video)

"....looking for people to blame because they don't want to blame Obama himself...."

That is the problem. Who put the Obama White House together? Who hired all these people? Barack Obama. In the end, if the Democrats lose in November, it will all be laid at his feet and to keep it real, it should be. Barack Obama wasted all his political capital and 2009 on doing nothing in regards to health care, jobs. He has saved everyone but us, the people out here with no jobs, health insurance, etc. Wall Street and the banks made more money from our money than ever before, but they sure as hell are not hiring or lending to us, are they? This is a real problem out here and why many independents are very skeptical about Barack Obama right now, and they should be.

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