Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Republicans: A shattered party

The findings of the Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll on self-identified Republicans confirms much of what many already thought, a party being taken down a horrible road. (for the record while Daily Kos is a Democratic blog, Research 2000 is a non-biased, renown polling organization used by both parties, which is why you don't hear much rumble from the other side)

When Barack Obama visited the House Republican Retreat on January 29, 2010, it was certainly a first in groundbreaking television but it was what he said, directly to the Republicans which holds true to the poll. He told them that what they said or let remain said, as a party, has consequences. The consequences allows them not to vote on legislation, even if they agree with parts of it, because of the fear if they do vote, that the far right in their party will primary them and it will have consequences. The violent and untrue rhetoric has consequences which will allow them not to govern or even do business with him. All of this was correct and you see it all through the polling.

The Republican Party is running in 2010 on the hope that they can retake the House of Representatives; to do this is to do nothing. What Barack Obama did at their retreat was to unveil to the American Public what the Republican Party is all about.

Not much.

For bi-partisanship to work, and I have no problem with it, must be a two way communication. What the Republican Party has done is vote no to everything, even on a principled financial part of who they are, "to pay for things as you go", in other words not to even vote for the PAYGO system to be reinstalled for fiscal responsibility in congress. A system that Republicans have been harboring for years that need to be reinstalled, instead was voted NAY down party lines in the senate. That was a joke.

Beating the Republicans won't be difficult, they have reneged on who they principally are. With the public outraged at gridlock, this should be a prime moment for Democrats to govern, but they must act like leaders, first.

If the Democrats want to remain in power, a few things must occur:

* A Jobs Bill must pass congress and force the Republicans to vote on not helping Americans get back to work

* The Democrats must show some leadership and stop acting afraid of their own shadows

* If these Democrats want to remain in charge, they must act like they ARE in charge.

* Barack Obama must finally realize that HE is in charge of the Democratic Party

* Barack Obama must show LEADERSHIP and demand ACTION in what he says from now on

Right now the energy is on the Republican side, lead by the divisive Teabaggers. This ilk is part of the problem of the Republican Party, but that is their problem. Our problem is having a Democratic majority that has not produce NOTHING in huge legislative gains for the American Public to take notice.

2009 was a waste and we see it. Let us not even talk health care, which was botched by the inactivity of the White House and the capitulation of the Democratic Senate. But 2010 is very winnable, look at who we have to run against. But, if we cannot win against the Republican Party, then we don't deserve to be in charge. Simple as that.

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