Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another President's Question Time, this time with Senate Democratic Caucus

President Obama will perform another Q&A, this time with the Senate Democratic Caucus. As the House GOP Retreat, which electrified many, this too, will be televised.

Let's hope some calling out on obstructionist Senate Democrats is in order, or this will be a yawn.

Less than a week after his electrifying parley with House Republicans, President Obama will be doing another televised question-and-answer session tomorrow morning -- this one with the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Staffers from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office and White House aides tell the Huffington Post that the president will meet with the caucus at the Newseum, where the senators will be assembled for an issues conference to discuss policy, strategy and message for the coming year.

White House advisers were thrilled with Obama's defiant, substantive and engaging dialogue at a House Republican retreat last Friday; tough and sometimes misleading questions seemed to bring the best out in him.


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