Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So, Harold Ford, Jr. now wants to be the Senator of New York....

So, he could not win it in Tennessee, relocates to New York, now wants to try it there. PLEASE, this man is more phony that a 25 dollar bill.

New Yorkers, PLEASE, have your eyes wide open on this fake, OK?

Harold Ford arrived in New York through one of its finer entry points: Sag Harbor, an exclusive section of pricey East Hampton, where in 2003 his father and predecessor in Congress bought a spacious house for $1.8 million.

The Sag Harbor spot, with tennis court and pool, was the perfect base for a young congressman from Tennessee who had always looked beyond his safe seat, a perfect platform for the beginnings of his campaign to win over the Hamptons and its exclusive and donor-filled social set — if not New York at large.

Ford’s public deliberation over running for the Senate from New York has drawn the usual charges of carpetbagging and the more serious question of whether he’s out of step with the liberal state’s values. But people close to Ford say the former congressman, a political nomad since childhood, is far more a New Yorker than anything else.

His political weakness, in short, isn’t that he’s not from New York. It’s that he’s spent the time since he lost a race for Senate and took a high-paid job with Merrill Lynch living a gilded Manhattan life available to only a few.

And being married to a former Merrill Lynch CEO, daughter doesn't hurt either.

This man and his corrupt family just need to GO AWAY. And the real kicker, Ford stating he has been to all five borroughs from a helicopter? When was the last time you won votes from the sky? Shit, brothers and sisters, you know what to do about FORD!!! OK?

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New Yorkers, please, please, please, have your eyes wide open on this FRAUD.


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