Thursday, January 14, 2010

President Obama to tax banks and bonuses obscene (Video)

This is a great speech, but the reality is that most of these banks repaid the loan, and have given the government and American people a big "F and U". They are not lending out money, they have increase huge fees to many Americans, they are just fucking outrageous. The bottom line is this, this government under the leadership of George W. Bush and Barack Obama just gave these banks money with NO STIPULATIONS. Just gave the money out up front with no conditions or stipulations. That is what happened, we all know this. Does anyone perform business out here and just give your money to someone/a business without stipulations? I am sure you do not, but the government does. And while Barack Obama is at it, get rid of Timothy Geithner, he is compromised, damaged goods and never should have been confirmed. Folks, until the laws are changed on the books and action is taken, having these speeches and giving outrage means nothing. If you want real change, CHANGE THE DAMN LAWS.

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