Thursday, January 21, 2010

RESIGNATION TIME: Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel must go

First off, I am glad that President Obama has decided to challenge banks, it is ABOUT TIME. Is it too late? For me, too early to decide, but devil is always in the details and until we see BOLD ACTION, it is another wait and see time for this White House.

Action against these banks should have happened DAY ONE when he stepped into the White House, not Day Two of Year Two.

Poll numbers and losing that senate seat in Massachusetts can be a huge wake up call that you can not ignore. Public anger is real, so the eyes are on President Obama and his action on this. Not words, ACTION. This means calling congress out by NAME if need be, going all over this country to make sure the public KNOWS what all this mean, no more too cute by half words, but this in lay man speak so my average Joe neighbor GET IT, it means using the power of the presidency as never before.

If Obama does not do this, the Democratic Party will be painted (as it already is starting to be) as the friends of Wall Street. Who wants to run on that one?

Tim Geithner needs to go. He never should have been confirmed. Today's revelation has shown us that maybe, just maybe, this White House is starting to NOT LISTEN TO GEITHNER. The move to back the Paul Volcker populist plan on reigning in these banks was a much needed breath of fresh air. Again, elections have consequences and I am really hoping it means the end of Geithner. Tim Geithner is compromised, always has been. His alliance has always been with Wall Street and these banks. It has been his bad advice to this administration and lack of movement that has now painted this White House as "Friends of Wall Street". He has not been honest or forthcoming of his past with this industry and it has spilled over to the street. He needs to go and I mean yesterday.

President Obama ask for his resignation and let the door knob hit him.

Larry Summers has advised this White House and President in horrible fashion. He and Geithner works in tandem, that means protecting the big banks and Wall Street. Remember, it was the arrogance of Larry Summers who proclaimed the "recession is over".

For this statement alone, he should have been ASKED, PRONTO for his resignation. How in the holy hell can you go to the American Public whose lives are in turmoil with unemployment, home loss, money loss, wages loss, no jobs around and have your number one man say this? HE NEED TO GO.

President Obama ask for his resignation and just remind yourself, "A bad choice for these times."

Rahm Emanuel has been NOT LIKED by many Democrats. Let's put it this way, for me, I tolerated him because President Obama has the right to pick and choose who he puts in his White House and Cabinet. But when they don't deliver, turn on members of the party with nasty rhetoric, misread the populus on what they wanted for healthcare, it is time to go. I state this because healthcare was to be Barack Obama's signature piece, we all know this, look at it now? Whether you agree with what it is about, if you even understand it, it was handled atrociously. And who is left with egg on his face? The President of the United States.

President Obama ask for his resignation and tell him good luck in running for Mayor of Chicago

I am a former member of the Navy, a proud member, when 16:30 arose on the 1MC one word was stated, "Sweepers".

It is time for President Obama to perform sweepers, instill and put people in these jobs that will serve him justice, pick up the pieces, listen to the public and move on.

Having a president out of touch when the anger is so intense is not a good thing, especially for us, but retooling and some fucking firing is a step in a right direction to getting his message back on track.

Finally, President Obama, taking your suit coat off and rolling up your sleeves to start fighting is not only justified but much NEEDED right now from you, FOR US.

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