Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Barack Obama is out of touch.

Barack Obama conveyed to Robert Gibbs that he was surprised and frustrated by the Massachusetts race.

One question to our president, "Are you hiding under a rock?"

This utter statement speaks VOLUMES of Barack Obama.

It says to me, as a friend wrote to me in an email:

What Obama said through Gibbs was that he was "Surprised and Frustrated" about this election.

What does that say?

"Surprised" = I wasn't listening to the voters

"Frustrated" = Don't blame me

Where are his damn advisors and are they telling him the damn truth???

As we continue to parse over the Massachusettes election, remember who won here. A teabagger in fake Independent clothing, denouncing his Republicanism and embraced the public's frustration of Washington, D.C. not doing anything. And he won.

Barack Obama is in a danger zone. And all these people on this site who continue to say he can do no wrong continues to lead us to down a more ugly path. It is time to wake up, we are in trouble.

The loss of Ted Kennedy's senate seat is one of a larger issue, the issue of voter anger. The very same independents that voted with us are now voting against us and the question must be why?

There are four things that have stuck out for me as I have been listening to many people on the ground since the summer. These four things are what Barack Obama campaigned on.

* Fixing the housing situation

* Stopping the bailouts * Reel in spending

* Put in place finanacial regulations on the banks that brought this country to the brink

* Work on the economy and create jobs

The question now is this, "Has he done anything?" We saw the answer yesterday from Massachusetts and it is NO.

The public is not stupid. They are struggling and have been waiting. But we, the Democrats used our political capital for a health care bill, no insurance bill that is favored for the insurance companies and NOT US. In poll after poll this country wanted a public option, the independents wanted it, the democrats wanted it but this damn congress and White House was so entrenched with the lobbyists and insurance companies that they totally ignored it and us.

A disaster for failure.

Now the President is frustrated?

This is a weak statement, assessment, answer or whatever you want to call it. Barack Obama it is time to reboot and it starts in your White House.

Get rid of Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina, Tim Geithner and David Axelrod.


What have they produced? Not a damn thing but continue to point you to the direction of disaster.

How this White House is so out of touch is unbelieveable. Utterly, unbelievable.

Stop the whining, complaining or shock. The mood of this country and its anger has been out here for months. You saw it first hand this summer when the teabaggers took over the health care debate, your communication and message has not been able to recover since.

Show some damn leadership. I mean, how often does this need to be written. There is no fear from you and your congress knows this. Howard Dean said it best:

The Democrats and you must get tougher.

People are fed up. They voted you and the Democrats into office with a mandate and to make changes. When people continue to perceive and look at you and the Democrats doing nothing, why should they continue to vote for you?

Massachusetts said it all. If you want to continue to cater to King Lieberman, Queen Snowe, Countess Collins and President Nelson with the Republicans it is a diasater for November.

You have about three months to start making decisive moves, changes and decisions. Your speech making days are over. Don't get me wrong, you are the best orator out there, but continuing these speeches with empty promises and no action the public can see means nothing.

Folks this is our president, we put him in office. At the same token, it is our government and we have every right to let them know how we feel. The days of "It is not Barack Obama's fault" is over. He is the leader of our party and look where he led us.

If we are not strong enough to acknowledge problems, then many have more crying days to come. If you thought yesterday was bad, continue on this disastrous path and November will make you go hide in a cave.

Again, the days of Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers should be OVER. Reboot time and boot them OUT.

Reality is a bitch, but this is our reality and we need to fix it.

Update [2010-1-20 14:13:14 by icebergslim]:

Stopping the bailouts is dubious. As Obama voted for the TARP monies, he has since monitored it. But the message is clear from the public. They did not like bailing out the banks, Wall Street, AIG, etc. They don't like the bonuses then and now. And this has hardened many on this administration and its relationship with Wall Street.

Update [2010-1-20 14:27:7 by icebergslim]:

Obama says hold off for HCR until Brown is seated.

For all those who say push this health insurance plan through, it is not to be. Do you think we will get anything with this decision? Again, sigh.... and this is for many levels....

Update [2010-1-20 14:49:4 by icebergslim]:

Labor will not support house passing senate bill as is

Update [2010-1-20 15:8:19 by icebergslim]:

You left out firing Tim Kaine and rehiring Dean

AMEN on that one, AMEN...

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"Massachusetts voters who backed Barack Obama in the presidential election a year ago and either switched support to Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown or simply stayed home, said in a poll conducted after the election Tuesday night that if Democrats enact tougher policies on Wall Street, they'll be more likely to come back to the party in the next election.

A majority of Obama voters who switched to Brown said that "Democratic policies were doing more to help Wall Street than Main Street." A full 95 percent said the economy was important or very important when it came to deciding their vote.

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