Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Steele predicts GOP losses for 2010 (Video)

A couple of things on the GOP and Steele. First, Steele is releasing a book without the knowledge of the RNC, GOP. Yes, they are shocked. He has planned paid speeches, also without their knowledge and now the GOP can not control him.

Micheal Steele is all about MICHAEL STEELE. The GOP, RNC needs to get over it. It was their membership that put him in the chairmanship. Instead of the Republicans thinking through what they wanted in a leader of the RNC, they reacted to the election of Barack Obama and put the first black man in the seat. Bad move, horrible decision, now he is telling them to "shut up" or "fire him". If they do, you know the next set of statements is all about the GOP and RNC not being inclusive to minorities. And this is their biggest problem.

Steele is right about one thing in this interview with ABC, the Republicans are an antique party. They have not found their way to move forward and kudos to Steele for stating that out loud and acknowledging that the GOP will not recapture the House in 2010.

Lastly, with unemployment 10%, job losses continuing, the Republicans have a ripe opportunity to move forward with vision and populist themes, but as long as you have those in leadership who are still pumping 80s, Reagan themes, they will never move ahead. For this, the Democrats should be thankful in a year that the economy is taking a huge toll for many families.

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