Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looks like Senator Chris Dodd is not seeking re-election

First, Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announces he is not running for re-election this year, now Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT). Dorgan may just be fed up with Washington and the senate, while Dodd had other lingering issues like a special mortgage loan. Oh, I caught this diary over at Daily Kos tonight on Byron Dorgan and it makes you wonder, will the Obama Administration ever wake up.

Dodd's problems has been his TOO COZY relationship with the banking industry and his very cozy loan from the now defunked Countrywide Mortage. This seat was going to take many resources to hold, at least he has the decency to know when it is OVER.

Embattled Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd (D) has scheduled a press conference at his home in Connecticut Wednesday at which he is expected to announce he will not seek re-election, according to sources familiar with his plans.

Dodd's retirement comes after months of speculation about his political future, and amid faltering polling numbers and a growing sense among the Democratic establishment that he could not win a sixth term. It also comes less than 24 hours after Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) announced he would not seek re-election.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is widely expected to step into the void filled by Dodd and, at least at first blush, should drastically increase Democrats' chances of holding the seat.

Blumenthal, who has served as state Attorney General since 1990, is the most popular politician in the state and has long coveted a Senate seat; he had already signaled that he would run for the Democratic nomination against Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) in 2012. (A sidenote: Assuming Blumenthal gets in to the race, Rep. Chris Murphy could be the long-term beneficiary as he is widely regarded as a rising star and would be at the top of the list of Democratic hopefuls to challenge Lieberman in 2012.)

Without Dodd as a foil, Republicans chances of taking over a seat in this solidly blue state are considerably diminished. Former Rep. Rob Simmons and wealthy businesswoman Linda McMahon are battling it out for the Republican nod but either would start as an underdog in a general election matchup with Blumenthal. read the rest here....

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