Thursday, June 4, 2009

Liz Cheney is a piece of work (Video)

My final analysis of Liz Cheney is that she is so shockingly wrong on every point and aspect, the cable outlets gets raves, as in negative response from her, that they continue to let her blow non-correct shit out of her mouth, for ratings. This morning on morning joe, no difference, though Joe was basking in the glow of Obama's speech that he actually tried to stand up to the lying Liz Cheney. Remember, Liz Cheney has no experience in torture or ANYTHING. Why she is looked upon as an authority is beyond me!!! MEDIA: Stop enabling Liz Cheney.

Here’s a transcript:

“I think that if we lived in a world where terrorism, and the slaughter of innocents, and Iran’s hegemonic hopes for the Middle East could be met, could be defeated, could be dealt with by sort of hand-holding going forward, then we’d be in a much simpler environment. But these are very, very tough issues. And I was troubled by the extent to which I heard moral relativism.”

That’s some highly suggestive language coming from Ms. Cheney, isn’t it?

In reality, in his speech today, Obama strongly denounced 9/11-denial to an Arab audience, said American troops are in Afghanistan out of “necessity,” because terrorists are “determined to kill as many Americans as they possibly can,” and said America’s commitment to destroying terror networks “will not waver.”

Liz Cheney's verbal lying viagra is totally irresponsible and her parsing of President Obama's words is categorically wrong. Her touching concerned trolling is just too much!!


Check Lizzy lying below on Andrea Mitchell's reports. Pathetic, h/t to Jed @ Daily Kos for catching this one.

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