Wednesday, June 3, 2009

morning joke or joe, "Stop Fear Mongering with Jim Cramer"

And while I am on my morning rant, morning joke stop casually saying, "I have talked to Democratic and Republican sources." When in fact it is just bullshit blowing in the wind.

I am like Ed Schultz, "NAME YOUR SOURCES". If you can not do that on your GOP morning talk show, then don't say anything. Your lack of journalism chops are showing. Just as you state being a moderate is an all time bullshit LIE.

My morning rant, having the all time pump and dumpster of stocks, Jim Cramer on morning joke to talk about the Employee Free Choice Act. If it passes then Wal-Mart cut in half!!

Geez, Wal-Mart the all time low wage paying company? One that reaps in huge profits but are stingy in the sharing to employees? The one that fight every little nit picking workman's compensation claim? A company that has no shame in anything they do AGAINST employees? Wal-Mart? Sympathy? Pity Party?


Now the union members are in it for the dues? That is what morning joke and cronies said this morning. I hope Americans are not listening to this shit, AGAIN. Why? Look at your pay stub and compare it to 5 years ago. Not much change, uh? And we have the all time pump and dumpster of stock giving advice on the Employee Free Choice Act? Have you stopped laughing yet?

Folks are now fighting, fighting for decent healthcare, wages, just to make it, etc. And we are supposed to have sympathy tears for a company like Wal-Mart? After seeing Wall Street gamble investors money for their own greed and walk away with billions? We are supposed to listen to the blowhards of Cramer or morning joke? PUHLEAZE.

And Mika, bopping her empty bot head, as usual....

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