Tuesday, November 24, 2009

State Dinner Tuesday with the Obamas (a must read)

Maureen from East Wing Rules comes through again with full details on how these state dinners are put together and reminds you to watch C-SPAN as full coverage on this will be uninterrupted.

This was a plate (mid bites) prepared by White House Chef Sam Kass for the governor's formal dinner in February 2009. The presidential seal is on the dessert chocolate and notice not a smudge - each one is checked for perfection. This was Mrs. Obama's first formal dinner at the White House and she chose the Wilson China.

Watch C-SPAN for coverage that is uninterrupted and filled with salient tips from experts on everything from military protocol to the floral arrangements. A State Occasion, let a lone a dinner is lavish and meant to welcome a head of state with the finest of American hospitality at America's most famous address. First Ladies traditionally show off their arrangements and release details regarding floral arrangements, china selection, silverware settings and other details during the day. The room is already arranged and the menu selected. It is written by hand for each setting by the White House calligrapher's office. Each course is designed, pre-tasted by the first lady and a small group of insiders and every seat has a handwritten name above each plate. Mrs. Obama's press secretary Katie Lleyveld will be overwhelmed today as most microscopic minutiae will be fodder for the press and interested folks like me ... and you!

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