Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Obamas State Dinner China (picture)

From the Photo Spray held by FLOTUS displaying tonight's table settings on the South Lawn. The beautiful grounds and rolling green lawn seem to be a key part of the inspiration. It also is quite reminiscent of the Green Room with its silk moire in the White House where the Obama family had their official family portrait taken by Annie Libowitz.

Here what we can tell from this photo - Its the William Jefferson Clinton China with the gilded flatware from Barbara Bush. The cushions on the chairs match the tablecloth and the linen napkins. That means a stunning backdrop for what FLOTUS or Michelle Obama has chosen to wear. (Photo courtesy CBS.) The brand spanking new White House Chief floral designer, Laura Dowling (last week's East Wing hire is how new), will have an amazing centerpiece which we do not have photos of yet.

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