Saturday, October 17, 2009

President Obama brings the HEAT to the insurance industry

I mean the THREAT heat.

In unusually harsh terms, Mr. Obama cast insurance companies as obstacles to change interested only in preserving their own “profits and bonuses” and willing to “bend the truth or break it” to stop his drive to remake the nation’s health care system. The president used his weekly radio and Internet address to push back against industry assertions that legislation will drive up premiums.

“It’s smoke and mirrors,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s bogus. And it’s all too familiar. Every time we get close to passing reform, the insurance companies produce these phony studies as a prescription and say, ‘Take one of these, and call us in a decade.’ Well, not this time.”

Rather than trying to curb costs and help patients, he said, the industry is busy “figuring out how to avoid covering people.”

“And they’re earning these profits and bonuses while enjoying a privileged exemption from our antitrust laws,” he said, “a matter that Congress is rightfully reviewing.”

Anyone defending these pariahs called the "health care insurance industries" are only doing it because they are too embedded with this corrupt group.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that this industry's main focus is profits, not care for the insurer, profits. Health care in this country is a right not a damn privilege. If we, yes we, taxpayers are going to continue to spend in the billions and have wasted in the trillions on two wars which brought this country NOTHING to show for it; you mean to tell me we can not insure the people in this country? Folks are dying, daily, by the horrible rescission practices of the health care industry. The stories of this industry are NOT GOOD. Finally, the camel that broke the back for President Obama was the DISHONEST AHIP report released by the health care lobbyists on Monday. (Also note, Pricewaterhouse Cooper has come out with a statement clarifying that the cost savings was omitted from the report that was delivered on Monday. In other words, criticism was warranted and the report can be called bogus.) The only thing that was accurate was the THREAT that this industry was going to raise our premiums. Do they think we are dumb or something? They do this every year ANYWAY. And the ill timing release of this report just may have backfired on the health care industry and RIGHTLY SO.

Bravo, President Obama the heat is on. Threaten them, keep on threating them and then TAKE AWAY their Anti-Trust Exemption, enough of the lies, deceit, etc. It is time to take this industry to task and I mean the time was 20 years ago.

Read the whole article here and h/t to Daily Kos.

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