Friday, October 16, 2009

The balloon boy hoax, at least is seems like a hoax to me

My husband said yesterday, "this was set up for television." I was not willing to go that far, because everyone was glued to their sets about that balloon in the air with a six year old. After watching some of the morning programs and the little boy did not come out because his father said, "it was for the show." Enough.

The Heene Family was on the reality show, Wife Swap and from what I have heard and read, the family did not come across as all sweetness and nice. I guess for some people, they just can not get enough publicity. And watch the Today Show clip, the child looks sick, his eyes are closed and he THROWS UP in the middle of the interview on the show. No pity for these parents at all. Lastly, the family called the MEDIA FIRST.


And here is a contestant talking about the father from the Heene Family from Wife Swap and Richard Heene sounds like a nut:

The Today Show:

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