Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Folks are very SOUR on the Afghanistan War

So, am I.

Look, getting Osama bin Laden would be GREAT, but it has not happened under George W. Bush and who knows if it will happen under Barack Obama. One thing is crystal clear, with the economy in a free fall, folks out of jobs at record clip, who cares about Afghanistan? I don't mean to be harsh, but really this shit has been going on for 8 years. We don't have the manpower, we have not fired Blackwater or Halliburton's militia force because as wrong as they are, we need them. This country has spent billions on a bullshit war in Iraq with not a THING TO SHOW FOR IT, and we are supposed to continue to spend the money like this in Afghanistan?

More than anything, this war will cripple Barack Obama, in my opinion. The public is not feelin' anything with war attached, though it was Bush's problem towards the end of his term, it was Obama's decision to continue on in Afghanistan.

When will all of this end? And what about the money we are spending daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

Eventually, it all needs to come to an end.

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