Monday, August 31, 2009

Senator John Kerry caves for the public option

Well, here we go with what Ted Kennedy would do. Coming from the now senior senator from Massachuesetts.

"Here's what Teddy would do. He'd say: 'I'm going to fight the fight, and if and when we get to the point that we can't get there, we'll see whether or not we can do enough to make good happen out of this. And you can't make that measurement today," Senator John Kerry, a Democrat, said on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos.


Kerry said Kennedy would fight for the public option and "do everything in his power to get it," but "if he didn't see the ability ... to get it done, he would not throw the baby out with the bathwater."

Great, we have a senior member of the senate just telling the GOP that "in the end"; we will negotiate away the public option.

President Obama and the Democrats have done a terrible communication and pr job in letting the public know exactly what will be involved in the health care bill. Mainly, for the Democratic Congress to just leave in August with no bill and no certainty of what will be in the bill, while President Obama is vague in what EXACTLY he wants in the bill gives an opening to your opponent to paint your bill, vision to what we have seen in the press. Until President Obama lets the public know what is acceptable in the bill and what is not, we are going to continue to see the chaos out there.

I want to commend OFA, the extension of the Obama Campaign, but I just believe that the Obama White House and Democratic Congress was too late leaving the gate. Again, this was a continued issue with Obama when he was running for President, the same slow motion movement when his house was on fire. Obama never moved until his (as a friend told me) eyebrows were on fire. Well, Obama's eyebrows are on fire while he is sitting up in the Oval Office. It will be up to President Obama to draw that line in the sand for health care and stand on it. As he is sitting in his bubble the masses, especially many which supported him are turning very sour for lack of movement and substance on the health care fight from the President. That is what miscommunication does, create confusion, this is the Democrats fault.

Again, when you don't know what is in a plan, what EXACTLY the President wants in the bill, how can anyone defend a health care bill? Sure, we all want health care reform and that is across the board, but until you know WHAT is in the bill then the lying and chaos that the right winged extremists and Republicans have caused will continue. And the President's and Democratic Congress numbers will continue to slip.

President Obama and Democrats in Congress we are waiting for you to be on the SAME PAGE.


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