Friday, August 14, 2009

This is why we need health care reform: I Was Just Denied a Needed Test by my Insurance Co

This is a diary from Daily Kos. From an individual who HAS health care. His family has had a history of heart problems, with most of them dying at an early age from a heart attack. His doctor sent him immediately to a cardiologist, the cardiologist scheduled a nuclear stress test which would give a clear picture of the heart and any blockages. Guess what happened? The insurance company MADE THE DECISION that he did not need it. Is this the type of health care we want in this country? An insurance bean counter deciding a procedure over a cardiologist? CHANGE IS NEEDED.

I am a 46 year old man with a family history of early death as a result of heart attacks. I am of normal weight and exercise a few days a week. I have been having a problem breathing properly after even moderate exertion. My general practioner was concerned enough to refer me to a cardiologist and even demanded that I see the cardiologist on the day of my yearly physical.

The cardiologist was able to see me and suggested a nuclear stress test which would give a clear picture of the heart and any blockages. He suggested that my symptoms and family history were significant enough to warrant that test. My grandfather was dead at 50 of a heart attack, his son dead at 43 of a heart attack and his grandson also dead at 43 of a heart attack. That history coupled with my recent poor breathing was alarming enough to demand the test.

Today they called and cancelled the test. It seems my carrier Aetna does not believe I need the test and have denied the claim. I was told by the doctor's office that since I had not had any haert events that they would not cover this. In essence I had not had a heart attack yet so this test was not necessary.

This is the health care system in America today and yet we have these town hall morons screaming about rationing of health care. What the hell do you call what they just did to me? Does anyone think the government would have denied this test?

My grandmother had a saying "An empty can makes the loudest noise" and seeing these uninformed town hall morons killing our nations first real chance at reform is infuriating. It seems loud and stupid wins over reason and the insurance companies laugh all the way to the bank and people like me wait to have a heart event so that I can get the needed tests, that is if I live after the event.

I know this is a short diary but my experience is the same as millions of Americans at the mercy of profit driven insurance companies. It is stories like mine that need to be told. Now I will walk around not really knowing if I am OK and my first indication that I am not could very well be my last but hey some pig at Aetna just received a bonus to deny me care.

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