Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Democratic Leadership:

Dear Democratic Leaders:

All of this pandemonium at these town hall meetings is highly and well orchestrated by the lobbyists groups of the insurance companies. We know this.

We don't like how the White House has been slower than a tortoise in any response. Right now the final say is out on whether these mob style tactics will work. Most Americans are pretty middle of the road and like to have conversations to discuss issues, not what we are seeing on television.

The main stream media has been all ginned up with these town hall meetings. Why? Because there is nothing else going on and why not show angry, mob style, people on television. Hell, even bring them on various shows to question them, give them a voice, give them a platform. That’s what is going on.

Whatever happens, this is a small number of groups that are protesting. Along with racists that are hiding behind a cause to keep the anger flowing. Now is not the time to waver and Former Governor Howard Dean is right that people put Democrats in office for a reason and one of the main reason is health care. Now is not the time to do nothing, now is the time to do it.

Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean fired one of the clearest warning shots at hesitant Democratic lawmakers on Thursday, insisting that if the party was unable to produce a health care bill with a public plan, there would be electoral consequences.

"I do think there will be primaries as the result of all this, if the bill doesn't pass with a public option," Dean said, in a phone interview with the Huffington Post.

The former Vermont governor added the caveat that he thought "cooler heads" would ultimately prevail and that a government run option for insurance coverage would be passed. But his remarks are some of the most threatening yet to be directed at Democrats from within the party.


Congress has the pleasure of having some of the best, cost efficient insurance in this country. They can pick and chose their plans to fit their families and cost needs. It is the best. For them to deny the country the same is down right disastrous.

The insurance companies are worried. The insurance companies are worried about the mass public shopping for a plan that is not THEIRS. If you don't understand all of this just watch the Bill Moyers, PBS program dedicated to why the insurance industry does NOT want to change. How the insurance companies are the ones who makes the decision on you and your family's health. How the doctors are TOLD what procedure will be covered and what will not. How small businesses have taken a large part of the brunt when it comes to insurance premiums. How the insurance companies look at individuals as "bean counters" and don't blink an eye if they have to remove you and your family from their insurance roll. And how the insurance companies bottom line in all of this is about their PROFIT and not a PATIENT'S health.

Democrats need to grow a steel spine and I mean quick. There will be NO TOLERANCE for anything less than a public option and I mean a robust one, not a CO-OP.

Democrats we worked our ASSES off to get you elected. Some of you, well, we could frankly CARE LESS, but voted for you because you have the (D) beside your name. Now, with this show down, you better SHOW UP. We understand that you have to take a hard vote, because it will be for some in their districts, but never the less you must take it. You must remember that everyone in this country, which is the majority do not have the luxury as you for health care. Many are not insured or vastly UNDER INSURED. This is a moral vote here. It is a vote that people in this country need desperately.

Democrats we gave you a lot of money. We know there are many who are compromised by the lobbyists and insurance companies. Let me be clear, we know who you are and are watching your actions very closely. If you crater and fold, don't expect us to be there to pick you up. Simple as that.

Democrats you have the majority. How in the hell do you think you got it? It was from voters all across the aisle who voted for you and CHANGE. If you whimper, fail, fall you will not have us there to pick you up. We know the heat in the kitchen is hot right now, but that is LIFE, you keep on keepin' on and we expect, demand that you do the right thing.

Lastly, President Obama.

Please, for God's sake, stop trying to talk to a party that never have and never will give a rat's ass about health care reform. That bait and switch from Grassley, yesterday, should be the HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. Move on without the Republicans. If they don't get it, fine. That is on them. But please, Obama White House stop making a mockery of yourselves because in the end, these Republicans don't give a shit. These Republicans have no moral courage or leadership to do the right thing. The right thing is to denounce all this rhetoric at these town hall meetings; instead they are mum and have nothing to say.

The obstructions do not want health care reform or health insurance reform. They want business as usual; they are with the status quo and their lobbyists cronies. It is time to cut them at the knees and get on with it.


A very exhausted and angered icebergslim

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