Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Lady Michelle Obama is the new "Princess Diana" (Pictures, Video)

A friend of mine's called me today while I was at work. She talked about Michelle Obama. How the London school children LOVED HER.

The fascination with our First Lady has skyrocketed like a shooting star. She is the star, she is our, American, Princess Diana.

I would not state this, but as my friend was talking, she could not stop but compare Michelle and Diana. I always felt that way about Michelle. The nastiness of the GOP trying to paint her this past election made many stomachs turn, but to look at her now brings tears to my face. She is glamorous, approachable, humble, smart, athletic, svelte, practical, and beautiful. She is the woman we all are, but she is on the national stage. She represents all of us, the working women with children, a husband and home. She has shown and proven that we can tackle the huge issues down to the little ones, just like us, ladies do it every single day.

I am proud of Michelle Obama, she surely makes each one of us proud to have her as the First Lady of the United States, and Barack Obama is damn lucky.

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