Monday, March 30, 2009

Michigan has to take responsibility, too.

I know everyone is up in arms over the Obama speech, but there is much more going on here.

The Automotive Industry, the big three, knew this was coming, this is nothing new.

Folks working for the big three saw folks not buying these cars, not with the price tag or bad mileage attached.

The economy is part of this, but folks had already started to ease away from those SUVs, Trucks, fancy price tags. This is nothing new, this was coming a while ago.

Al Gore got laughed in his face from the big wigs in Michigan. He told them about CAFE standards and they laughed him out of Michigan.

These fat cats did not want to change. They wanted to remain the same.

Well, when you come to the government for help to not prop you up, but pick you up before you hit the garbage heap, you must conform.

I feel the pain for those who are losing jobs, lost jobs, won't get jobs back, etc. But, the decisions in Michigan must be dealt with.

I know many are also angered at President Obama about not doing enough to Wall Street. I don't know how many times I must write this, Obama does nothing without all the facts. The banks have not opened up all their books, the stress tests on these banks are not done. When this is complete and they need more money, as the car industry does, you will hear the Obama blast to them, as we heard today to the car industry.

Also politicians in Michigan must take heat also. All of them. They have protected the car industry for decades. For Granholm to act shocked is a joke. There is no one on here who can write that Granholm did not know what was about to happen. She knew. This is about salvaging what she can. Both senators from Michigan are great, but they have stood with an industry that has REFUSED to change. This industry's refusal put them where we are at now.

Where is the UAW? I can tell you where they are at. Numb and quiet. They have seen the books and know that there is either concessions or bankruptcy. It is as plain and clear as that. The suppliers? It won't be like it used to be and there will be fewer of them when this is over. Retirees? They will see some cuts in benefits. It is either that or go bankrupt. Go bankrupt, who will cut your check then? Car dealerships will shrink tremendously in this country. And there will be more unemployment. Folks up in arms, keep the jobs!! What jobs? How can we keep the jobs when the supply is more than the demand and has been that way BEFORE the September hit? Who is out there buying a 30,000 car? NOBODY. Hard decisions down the immediate road.

None of us like what has happened but this is the reality of now. You can't suck blood from a turnip when it is dry or dead already. The auto industry put this country on the map of innovation, but in the end refused to innovate themselves. Now it is either bankruptcy or conform and change. They can either take it or leave it.

And the Republicans? They don't have a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of. They can not come back to Michigan and say, "I was for you, saving your jobs", when they are on video saying let the automotive industry go bankrupt. Which do we want? The Republican way or the Obama Administration way to help this industry get back in the saddle?

This is tough love. This is what we voted for, leadership, this is what we are getting the hard decisions. And Waggoner had to go.

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