Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stop saying they are "Too Big To Fail"....LET THEM

AIG that is it. Really it is it.

Even after watching Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on 60 Minutes tonight, who I might add was eloquent, reserved, humble, I still say as a tax payer let them fail. Even Chairman Bernanke was hot under the collar by giving AIG money, but has to read headlines that they are giving themselves bonuses.

Fed Chairman Bernanke's 60 Minutes Interview, Part Two

The 'effin' moxey of AIG is enough. This company reminds me of Blago, it just won't do the right thing, or more importantly the controversy will never stop.

AIG has taken over 160B dollars of U.S. taxpayers dollars to keep this company propped up but has that moxey to pay out bonuses in the range of 450M? President Obama this is where the rubber hits the road for U.S. taxpayers.

American International Group Inc. will pay $450 million in bonuses to employees in its financial products unit. That division was at the heart of AIG's collapse last fall, which compelled the U.S. government to provide $173.3 billion in aid to keep it running.

The CEO, Edward Liddy of AIG told Treasury Secretary Geithner that their hands were tied in giving out these bonuses.
CEO Edward Liddy told Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that the next payments to employees of the financial products unit are due on Sunday, and added “quite frankly, AIG’s hands are tied.”

Well, of course the outrage is that, outrage it is natural. Now it is time for action. Action from the White House.

See, the average joe and josetta don't understand why we are throwing money down the well to the likes of AIG, as they use the money we are giving them to keep them functioning, but they turn around and payout bonuses that are unbelievable. See, the joes and josettas out there are struggling. Many of them are one paycheck from being thrown on the street, but they constantly have to read about these companies and Wall Street that take our money and then throw the finger at us. Yes, Obama Administration, they are throwing the finger at us. What is next?

Obama Administration, I am smelling the rubber burning. Remember the segment of the Sci-Fi, Horror movie, Aliens? OK, it is the part of the movie when the marines while in the den of Aliens are told to give up their weapons and can only use flame torches, at this juncture one marine says, "How are we suppose to protect ourselves, use harsh language?" Well, we all know how that scene ended, what we don't know is how this scene with the likes of AIG and others will end. Harsh language is being touted, here,here, here, and here. Outrage all from D.C., which is fine and dandy, but Obama Administration and Washington, D.C. the public demands action. We mean stern action, not more harsh language.

AIG is an example of what the public does not want, which makes it hard for the Obama Administration to move forward with its financial package. The actions of AIG, Citibank, Bank of America, etc., are examples of reckless management and disregard of its financial situation. It is we, the taxpayers that these blowhards are begging for our help and we have to continue to read about bonuses paid out in the mulit-millions while Americans are losing jobs, in line for food, tent cities popping up in this country, unemployment numbers are astounding, people don't know if they will have a job tomorrow and many in this country are one pay check from the street!!! And we have to read about AIG taking our money and paying themselves bonuses????

Obama Administration, do you get it? We are angry and yes, stop giving them our money if they don't respect the process. Which means they don't respect you and definitely do not respect we, the taxpayers. Yes, we are angry and yes, let them fail.

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