Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dick Cheney emerges from his undisclosed location because he has something to say

Dick Cheney is one who should share a jail cell with Bernie Madoff. He, more than anyone else, was the main cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq. Well, 8 long years can be a bitch and in the end he left as one of the most disgraced Vice-Presidents EVER. Well, what can I write? He's back.

Cheney surely does not like Barack Obama and was a heavy pusher of total partisianship during his tenure. The word "bi" was not even in his vocabulary. He believed in us vs. them, which is why many Americans see such vitriol in Washington, DC. He had a lot to do with it and Bush just followed behind.

Towards the end of the Bush Administration it was written and rumored that Cheney tried very hard to get former President Bush to pardon, MANY. In fact, he wanted pre-pardons, for the likes of, um like, disgraced and dumb former Attorney General Alberto Gonazles, but it did not happen. Cheney really wanted a full pardon for Scooter Libby, but Bush just said NO, to all of the above. In other words, those who thought they may be saved, were left hanging out to dry by the former president.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said he and former President George Bush had “a fundamental difference” over pardoning Scooter Libby.

“I was clearly not happy that we in effect left Scooter hanging in the wind, which I don’t think was appropriate,” Cheney said.

Cheney pressed for a pardon for Libby, his former chief of staff convicted in 2007 of perjury in connection with the CIA leak case. Bush declined to issue the pardon.

Cheney said the details of his disagreement with Bush are “best left to history” – or his upcoming memoir, which will cover his 40 years in Washington.

Cheney and Bush have spoken by phone three times since leaving office, the former vice president said. “We traveled a long way together in eight years,” Cheney said.

Now in Cheney's words:

And of course, Cheney does not believe the economic failure was on the Bush-Cheney watch. Why would he? This man benefited and profited from this economy, especially the Iraq War. A war that bankrupted this country. So, of course he don't give a damn.
Don't blame the Bush administration for all the country's economic problems.

That's the message from former Vice President Dick Cheney.

President Barack Obama constantly talks about the enormous economic troubles that he inherited when he took office in January. Cheney agrees that Obama did indeed came into power amid very difficult economic circumstances.

But Cheney says he doesn't think the Bush administration can be blamed for creating the economic woes. Cheney says it's a global financial problem. He says the idea that fault can assigned to the previous administration is "interesting rhetoric" but he doesn't think people care about that.

While the Republicans wither every time Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth, they wither even harder when the "old administration by the name of Bush or Cheney" comes skipping out to any microphone so they can say their peace. In other words, when Bush-Cheney left the White House, the Republicans said, "Good riddance". So, Cheney maybe you should continue to remain in your undisclosed location, either way your opinions are really not relevant any longer.

More from CNNs State of the Union, Iraq War:

After watching this, Dick Cheney as George W. Bush, were two elected officials who left this country in shambles and will continue to try to clean their image up. But like Herbert Hoover, when you leave a catastrophe on the desk for the man behind you to clean up, the only thing that will be remembered is what you DID or DID NOT do to put this country on the course it is on.

As for John King, CNNs interviewer, I am sure he is in the running for one of the WORST INTERVIEWS, EVER.

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