Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eric Cantor blasting Obama on the Today Show and oh, where is the Republican plan? (Video)

Eric Cantor is an adequate dodge ball player. He can not answer any questions about the Republican Plan. He is now worried about the trillions of dollars on the backs of our children, but certainly was not concerned while giving the previous administration a blank check to spend us to where we are at. Remember he is the same individual that Lawrence O'Donnell expediently took down on morning joe or is it morning joke? Finally, it has got to be hard to go on these shows with absolutely NOTHING TO SAY. Cantor on C-Span, here. Why this is pointed out is that he allowed a caller to say atrocious things about President Obama, while sitting there smirking. Again, this is why people have walked away from the far right wing part of the Republican Party.

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