Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol, Top 10, March 25, 2009 (Video) ***UPDATE***

***UPDATE*** The person eliminated from the Top 10 is listed at the bottom of this post


Two categories that throw these contestants. Country week and Motown week. Both are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, musically. Smokey Robinson was the mentor this week.

Here are the top performances for me.

Matt Giraud, singing the classic Marvin Gaye song, "Let's Get it On". This song DEFINED Marvin Gaye, to touch it, you better be on. Matt was.

Kris Allen sang "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You". He spinned this song and made it his own. This guy gets better every week.

Allison Irheta sang the Temptations classic, "Papa was a Rolling Stone". She ended the show with a bang. She turned this song, ROCK, and sang it her way, good job.

Anoop Desai sang the Smokey Robinson classic, "Ooooh, Baby, Baby". This song you need to have your falsetto on point and the melody tight. He did a good job with this song.

Finally, Adam Lambert was the most memorable of Motown Week. He sang the classic Smokey Robinson song, "Tracks of my Tears". When he was done, Smokey was in the audience and stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Adam reminds me of Taylor Hicks, but only on this point, he knows how to perform. Hicks was a mediocre singer who knew how to perform, as Adam not only knows how to perform, but understands his instrument and can deliver as Hicks could not.

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Michael Sarver eliminated.

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